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5 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Garage Door

Designing a new garage door? Your upcoming investment will last for decades, so it pays to spend a bit of time and effort devising the ideal garage door design. Used more than the front door of your home, a garage door functions as a moving wall, rolling up, down, and occasionally remaining suspended above your vehicle (and you). To ensure function and safety, there are many things to consider beyond garage door style and appearance.

When Adding a New Garage Door, Don’t Forget these Features

  1. Garage Door Opener
    Homeowners often forget garage door openers are a separate purchase. Luckily, we offer an array of openers alongside our doors. Considering keeping your old opener? As these wear with time, you may want to avoid the need for service by taking advantage of the new features and quieter operation of a new garage door opener now.
  2. Upgraded Springs
    Your new garage door will experience many ups and downs, and springs are the force behind this, helping your door rise easily and descend slowly. Standard springs can accomplish this for about 10,000 cycles, or 5 years of use (based on typical usage: opening/closing 5 times/day). However, with a small investment in beefier springs, you could extend this to 20,000 cycles/10 years.
  3. Better Rollers
    When integrating a new garage door, many just roll with standard equipment. However, upgrading from standard plastic rollers to ball bearing and nylon varieties will provide a 2 or 3 times longer lifespan and quieter operation.
  4. Door Reinforcements
    Proper bracing is essential to the long-term structural integrity of your garage door. Improperly reinforced, sagging doors quickly affect the lifespan of components. Ask your garage door installation professional about structural reinforcements recommended for your unique installation, including any necessary bracing.
  5. Insulation
    Consider the R-factor of your garage door selection. Insulation will greatly affect comfort if your door faces the sun or is blasted by the wind. For attached garages, insulation can also impact the overall energy efficiency of your home, as well as reduce noise.

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