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Why Garage Door and Openers Pricing is Changing Rapidly

The extraordinary circumstances of COVID continue to take a toll on product pricing across a range of industries. As variant after variant continues to wreak havoc on the global supply chain, creating a ripple effect, new garage door and openers pricing is changing rapidly. These struggles have affected all local garage door companies.

What to Expect When Purchasing Garage Doors or Parts in 2022

The availability of garage doors, garage door openers, and parts like springs and rollers continues to fluctuate. Key components including wood, glass, and aluminum are in short supply, causing prices on many garage door parts to rise as availability tightens. In some cases, parts may be unavailable. Delivery times may also be difficult to narrow down. If you’re in the market for new garage doors or need parts in 2022, expect to wait weeks or months.

When Will the Situation Improve?

Labor plays an integral role in product shortages and delays. Sick or quarantined workers and shuttered facilities can’t produce goods. Shipping containers, ships, trucks and trains, and warehouse facilities are also in short supply, compounding delays.

City Laws and Rules Adjusting in Response to Garage Door Installation Delays

Due to the ongoing nature of garage door supply chain issues and the length of delays, some Bay Area city inspectors have suspended certain rules. Homes may now be boarded up in some circumstances while awaiting new garage doors or backordered parts.

Madden Door Rises to Help Homeowners Meet Garage Door Challenges

Madden Door is here to help our customers ride the waves of market changes. In this trying time, you can rely on our garage door installation professionals to always be upfront and honest about cost and delivery timetables. If you need new garage doors or parts, you can count on us to get your order in as quickly as possible. We will do our best to keep your current door functional, finding safe alternatives to garage door operational issues when available while you await new garage doors or parts.

Garage door and opener pricing is changing rapidly. To ensure you get your new garage doors or parts quickly and avoid price increases, Madden Door & Sons urges you to reach out and discuss your project needs as soon as possible. Contact us at 925-208-4907 to get current pricing and speed service at your Bay Area, Concord, Oakland, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Fairfield, or Vallejo home today.

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Garage Door Installation Challenges

Many seasoned do-it-yourselfers embark on garage door installations, only to find themselves struggling through the process. This home project isn’t as straightforward as others. Installing a garage door can be quite a task, even for seasoned professionals. What garage door installation challenges might you encounter along the way?

Garage Door Installations Require Special Tools and Equipment

Garage door kits often lack installation hardware. Most Pleasanton homeowners don’t know where to get the missing parts – or exactly what they need. In addition, even the most experienced do-it-yourselfers typically find themselves lacking the specialty tools necessary for a safe installation, such as a counterbalance spring system, which professional installers know is essential for lifting heavy garage doors into position. 

Garage Doors are Large and Heavy

Garage doors are big, awkward, and heavy, ranging from 100 lbs. at a minimum to 300 lbs. or more for larger doors. Errors during removal or simply managing the door’s weight can result in serious injury. A husband-and-wife duo is not enough. Multiple people are necessary to remove and install a garage door.

Ordering the Right Track System is Tricky

To order the right track system for your San Ramon garage, you must determine the track’s length and radius. If you order and install the wrong track radius, you can seriously damage your garage door. Many homeowners also forget to order the track nuts and bolts, which are sold separately.

Some Garage Door System Components are Surprisingly Dangerous 

Those who are new to garage door installation are often ignorant of door spring and cable dangers. These system components can quickly unwind and launch during installation or when improperly secured, potentially causing severe injury. Stay safe – learn more about garage door spring dangers. Garage door springs and cables are best installed by a professional. 

Houses are Rarely Square

Each garage door component must be perfectly aligned to ensure proper support and smooth operation. The door opening on your Livermore home is likely out of square, making installation extremely challenging. Tracks must be perfectly level. Hinges, brackets, axle supports, and other hardware must be precisely measured and installed. Garage doors in systems that are just slightly out of alignment can bind, getting stuck in the track, or failing to fully open or close.

Improper Garage Door Opener Placement Can Cause Big Problems

When installing the garage door opener in your Alamo home, we always install the motor and lift assembly at the door’s exact center. Many homeowners install them off-center to avoid obstructions, but this could cause the door to buckle and bind in operation. The garage door opener you choose must also be able to manage the door’s weight and include necessary safety equipment.

You Have to Dispose of Old Doors

No one ever thinks of getting rid of their old garage door until it’s out. Huge, heavy doors are tough to toss or slide out of the way. Unless you have a large pickup and your Brentwood home is near a waste/recycling facility, the easiest way to dispose of your old garage door is to hire a reliable garage door company.

Keep it together and avoid garage door installation challenges with help from your friendly neighborhood pros. Contact Madden Door & Sons at 925-208-4907 and learn about our affordable garage door and installation services in Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore, Alamo, and Brentwood today.

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5 Types of Garage Door Materials

A quality garage door can last for decades. If you’re in the market for something new, it’s helpful to know what types of materials are most commonly used in today’s garage doors. The material you select can enhance your home, protect your belongings and influence your garage’s lifespan and durability.

Here are five common types of garage door materials and the benefits of each:

  1. Steel

Steel is the most durable garage door material on the market. Several layers of steel are used to create a sturdy door, and it can be customized to fit your home’s architectural style. Steel garage doors are resistant to most damage. They are also well-insulated, keeping sensitive parts like the spring and opener safe from the elements.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum garage doors offer many of the same benefits as steel frames, though they are lightweight and easier to install. Aluminum is also an eco-friendly material that can be painted for a new look or recycled when you’re ready to make an upgrade. Garage doors made of aluminum hold up well to corrosive environments, which is beneficial to those living in coastal areas.

  1. Wood

Choose a wood garage door if you want to give your home a rustic appearance. Wood is durable, and the latest innovations offer added protection from rotting and warping. Compared to metal, wood is much harder to dent. If a section does need repair, it can be cut out and replaced.

  1. Fiberglass 

Like aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight and provides excellent insulation. It’s not susceptible to rust or rot, making it a good fit for properties in the Bay Area. A simple coat of paint or stain is enough to transform the fiberglass, and it will need only occasional touch-ups.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl garage doors are economical, with many benefits. There are numerous customization options, including faux wood designs. Vinyl is surprisingly durable and almost dent-proof, which is a huge advantage if you have a busy household with kids. From a visual standpoint, vinyl garage doors remain attractive with less maintenance.

Madden Door & Sons can help you choose the perfect garage door material for your home. We provide garage door installations in El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, Walnut Creek and Pleasanton. Contact us today at 925-357-9781 or visit our showroom in Martinez, California to see these materials firsthand.

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