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Weather-Sealing Your Garage Doors

Garage Doors weather strippingAre you thinking about weather-sealing your garage doors? It’s a smart decision, considering that many things can come in under the bottom of your garage door – mice, insects, water, dirt, etc. Imagine how much cleaner your garage would be if you closed off the bottom gap!

Fortunately, weather-sealing your Bay Area garage doors isn’t expensive or difficult. We’ll tell you how to seal this gap and make your garage safer, cleaner and more efficient.

What is Weather-Sealing?

Weather-sealing is the process of replacing the bottom garage door seal with weather-stripping. The purpose of this is to make the garage door airtight so that moisture, debris, dirt, pests, insects, etc. are kept out. Most garage doors come with some type of seal and weather-stripping, but it may not be effective, and it will break down over time.

Ways to Weather-Seal Your Garage Door

You don’t necessarily need a professional to come out and weather-seal your garage. You can do it on your own. Here are a few options to seal your garage doors:

  • Door sweep. A door sweep is a vinyl or rubber seal that attaches to the bottom of your garage door. It compresses when the door closes, filling the gap to keep cold or hot air, dirt and debris out. When you start to see daylight coming through, it’s time to replace your garage door sweep.
  • Weather-stripping. Another option is weather-stripping, which looks very similar to door sweep material. Weather-stripping is made from vinyl or rubber and is installed onto the door. There are different types of weather-stripping, including v-shaped and integrated weather-stripping.

All these options are relatively easy for you to install yourself, using the instructions that are supplied with the product when your purchase it.

Madden Door can install weather-stripping with the purchase of a new garage door. Whether you’re interested in a rustic wooden garage door or a contemporary glass garage door for your Bay Area home, let us help you find the perfect solution for your home! Call us today at 925-357-9781 or visit our showroom in Martinez, California (just north of Concord) to see some of the garage door options available to you.

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