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Would a Carriage Garage Door Look Good on Your Home?

Carriage house garage doors are an extremely popular choice among our customers, and it’s easy to see why. Once used to secure barns housing carriages in the horse and buggy era, this classic, timeless option has returned to popularity in recent years. Though carriage style garage doors work well with many of today’s architectural styles, serving as a beautiful home accent, they are only one of many garage door styles and may not be the best solution for your home.

The Intricate Detail of Carriage Style Doors Can Overwhelm Some Home Styles

Classic carriage garage doors feature intricate woodwork, including cross planking, large handles, and windows across the top in various styles. Originally made from wood, contemporary options now include steel stamped carriage garage doors that open upward like modern garage doors with the help of a garage door opener. Would a carriage garage door look good on your home? We recommend considering the architectural style of your home before purchasing carriage doors to ensure long term satisfaction with your garage door purchase.

These Architectural Styles Work Best with Carriage Garage Doors

  • Tudor style
    Carriage garage doors add even more interest and beauty to the decorative half-timbering, uniquely shaped chimney, and high-pitched roof of a Tudor home.
  • Victorian style
    Our garage door specialists highly recommend carriage doors on a Victorian style home. Carriages were used for transportation in this era, making them a fitting choice. 

  • Craftsman and bungalow style
    The wood detailing, low rooflines, and covered porches of craftsman and bungalow-style homes pair well with carriage doors.

  • Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean style homes
    Spanish Colonia and Mediterranean style homes, which traditionally feature clay tiles, heavy wood, and iron detailing, are beautifully accented by the carriage door styles with prominent hardware.

These Styles Sometimes Work with Carriage Garage Doors

  • Ranch style
    If your ranch style home features ample greenery, window boxes, shutters, and wood detailing, carriage doors will work well. However, if it features modern windows, doors, and hardscaping, carriage doors may look out of place.

  • American Colonial style
    Carriage doors may work on America Colonial style homes with detached or side-load garages, however, if your garage is front-and-center, other options may fit better.

When to Avoid Carriage Style Doors

These architectural styles do not pair well with carriage style doors:

  • Mid-century modern styles
    It is better to accent your mid-century modern home with simpler garage door styles.

  • Contemporary styles
    Carriage doors are too intricate for the sleek, clean lines of contemporary designs.

Are you considering carriage style garage doors for your Alameda, Antioch, Blackhawk, Lafayette, Hercules, Richmond, San Pablo, or San Ramon home? Ensure beautiful finished results that pair well with your home’s architectural style. Contact a Madden Door & Sons garage door specialist to discuss replacement door ideas today.

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Cedar Garage Doors Provide a Handsome Home Appearance

Cedar garage doors make a statement, serving as a visually stunning focal point for your home. Standing out from the competition, cedar garage doors from Madden Door & Sons provide a handsome home appearance, offering far more than just good looks.

Cedar Garage Doors Offer Many Benefits

Cedar garage doors are among our most popular wood garage door options. Our customers are quick to fall for its classic good looks, unique natural color variations, and its ability to blend beautifully with many architectural styles. We can customize your cedar doors to special shapes and sizes, or add a distinctive touch with unique stains.

Cedar wood contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay, and insect infiltration, easily withstanding weather and sunlight exposure with regular sealing. Tough and lasting, they will not crack or dent.

Our cedar garage doors are an environmentally friendly, green choice. Cedar is renewable and biodegradable, absorbing greenhouse gasses as trees grow. A natural insulator, cedar doors can also improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling use.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Beauty of Natural Cedar

Madden Door & Sons offers many cedar garage door styles to complement your home:

  • Traditional cedar garage doors
    Our traditional cedar garage doors come in two options, including a raised panel design for texture and visual interest, and flat, solid paneled designs.
  • Contemporary cedar garage doors
    The sleek lines of our contemporary cedar garage doors make an impressive addition to modern home designs. Bedecked with windows, they pack a dramatic punch, flooding your garage with natural light.
  • Carriage-style cedar garage doors
    The intricate craftsmanship and timeless sophistication of carriage-style garage doors make them a popular choice. Ensure convenience with our popular roll-up designs, or add a distinctive touch with doors that roll outward.
  • Custom stain grade garage doors
    • Our cedar and wood garage doors offer nearly limitless customization possibilities. We can craft our custom stain-grade garage doors to work with non-level flooring, curving, or hillside locations. We can also match garage door arches to the opening of your new home, or incorporate them into your door design even if your opening is square at the top.

Cedar garage doors provide a handsome home appearance. Contact Madden Doors & Sons at 925-208-4907 to learn more about adding the stunning looks of cedar garage doors to your Hercules, American Canyon, Oakland, Pittsburg, or San Rafael home today.

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Carriage House Garage Doors Never Go Out of Style

Update the look of your home with beautiful new carriage house garage doors. A great fit for homes with traditional and rustic architectural features, the timeless look of carriage house garage doors never goes out of style. Today’s carriage house garage doors combine the nostalgic charm of a carriage house with the convenience of a modern, overhead-opening garage door. They offer an easy way to set your home apart, enhancing its looks and value.

Choosing the Right Carriage House Garage Door for Your Home

Innovative technology has opened the door to carriage house garage doors in an array of materials and designs:

  • Custom carriage house garage doors
    Our custom, paint and stain-grade carriage house garage doors feature a genuine multi-layer construction and three-dimensional details. Choose from popular painted finishes or stain grade lumber in cedar, fir, hemlock, redwood, and more.

    With a swing-out appearance and overhead operation, our custom carriage house garage doors provide an authentic old-world carriage house feel. Behind the scenes, however, they deliver the best in energy-efficient, wind, and weather-ready performance.

    Whether your home has a standard single or two-car garage setup, or a more unique garage door layout, our experienced team can custom design a door solution and garage door opening system to meet your needs.   

  • Steel overlay carriage doors
    Oursteel overlay carriage doors offer the look of our custom lines but come in limited sizes, including options with and without windows. Factory-finished in popular paint and stain colors including faux-wood, steel overlay carriage doors offer an affordable and stylish garage door alternative.

Carriage house garage doors never go out of style. Update your Blackhawk, Hercules, Richmond, Pittsburg, or American Canyon home with the classic look of modern carriage house garage doors. Contact Madden Door & Sons at 925-208-4907 today.

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5 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Garage Door

Designing a new garage door? Your upcoming investment will last for decades, so it pays to spend a bit of time and effort devising the ideal garage door design. Used more than the front door of your home, a garage door functions as a moving wall, rolling up, down, and occasionally remaining suspended above your vehicle (and you). To ensure function and safety, there are many things to consider beyond garage door style and appearance.

When Adding a New Garage Door, Don’t Forget these Features

  1. Garage Door Opener
    Homeowners often forget garage door openers are a separate purchase. Luckily, we offer an array of openers alongside our doors. Considering keeping your old opener? As these wear with time, you may want to avoid the need for service by taking advantage of the new features and quieter operation of a new garage door opener now.
  2. Upgraded Springs
    Your new garage door will experience many ups and downs, and springs are the force behind this, helping your door rise easily and descend slowly. Standard springs can accomplish this for about 10,000 cycles, or 5 years of use (based on typical usage: opening/closing 5 times/day). However, with a small investment in beefier springs, you could extend this to 20,000 cycles/10 years.
  3. Better Rollers
    When integrating a new garage door, many just roll with standard equipment. However, upgrading from standard plastic rollers to ball bearing and nylon varieties will provide a 2 or 3 times longer lifespan and quieter operation.
  4. Door Reinforcements
    Proper bracing is essential to the long-term structural integrity of your garage door. Improperly reinforced, sagging doors quickly affect the lifespan of components. Ask your garage door installation professional about structural reinforcements recommended for your unique installation, including any necessary bracing.
  5. Insulation
    Consider the R-factor of your garage door selection. Insulation will greatly affect comfort if your door faces the sun or is blasted by the wind. For attached garages, insulation can also impact the overall energy efficiency of your home, as well as reduce noise.

Designing a new garage door for your El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, Walnut Creek, or Pleasanton property? Ensure the perfect features for your home, family, and budget. Call or visit our showroom for latest pricing and options!

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