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Is It Time to Revisit Your Carriage Garage Door?

Is It Time to Revisit Your Carriage Garage Door?

Are your carriage house doors holding on for dear life? There’s a difference in gaining inspiration from the past and living in it. If your carriage garage doors look like they hail from the days of the horse and buggy and struggle to function, it may be time to revisit your carriage door. Emphasize the beauty of your home, enjoying the superior performance and safety of modern carriage garage doors from Madden Door.

Signs Your Carriage Doors are Shot

Time can take a toll on even the toughest residential carriage garage doors, causing:

  • Sagging
    Gravity’s not just tough on your body, it’s also tough on your garage doors, causing them to sag. Wood doors and structural components are particularly susceptible to sagging and deterioration over time.
  • Fading, cracking and warping
    Daily wear-and-tear, sunlight and heat, and harsh weather eventually contribute to the decomposition of residential carriage doors over time.
  • Shaking or noisy operation
    If your carriage house doors shimmy or make a lot of noise when opening and closing, it may be time for a new garage door.

Madden’s Modern Carriage Garage Door Systems are Built to Last

Operating your carriage doors doesn’t have to be a chore with the lighter design and quiet operation of modern carriage doors from Madden. Our beautiful, contemporary carriage door designs offer the looks of historic doors with the safety and performance of modern garage door technology. Choose from a variety of strong, yet lightweight roll-up door designs with sturdy hinges, electric openers, and enhanced safety features. Our contemporary door designs offer more than looks, providing smooth, quiet operation. Featuring weather stripping, joint and bottom seals, they deliver improved energy efficiency and performance.

Which Carriage Door Style is Right for Your Home?

Madden Door offers a wide variety of carriage garage door styles. Choose from:

  • Custom carriage doors
    Our custom carriage doors are available in paint and stain grade wood, including cedar, redwood, fir, hemlock, and more. They feature a genuine multi-layer construction, three-dimensional detailing, and a swing-out appearance with overhead operation. Our design experts can help you create a distinctive, custom look, pairing it with the latest garage door opener technology to meet your unique needs.   
  • Steel overlay carriage doors
    Steel overlay carriage doors from Madden Door are affordable and stylish, offering the custom lines of traditional doors. Choose from a variety of paint colors and popular faux-wood options, factory-finished and ready for rapid installation.

Ditch your barely functional carriage doors and improve the curb appeal of your home with new residential carriage garage doors from Madden Door & Sons. Contact us at 925-208-4907 for a quote on new garage doors for your Lafayette, El Cerrito, Hercules, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Ramon, or San Rafael home today.

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