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Custom Garage Door Sizes

If you’re in a situation that has you shopping for custom garage doors, you know not all garage applications work with standard garage door sizes. Wide, heavy-duty pickup trucks, high profile vans and conversion vehicles, and unique hobbies may require a garage door setup that varies widely from standard dimensions. Fortunately, Madden Door offers a variety of custom garage door sizes to meet your specialized needs.

What Size Custom Garage Doors Are Available?

Standard garage door sizes of 8-9 feet wide and 7 feet tall for single garage doors, and 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall for double garage doors, may not offer adequate clearance for larger vehicles. What size custom garage door might help you better fit your vehicle?

Best single door size for large vehicles: 10’ wide x 8’ tall

  • Housing today’s larger vehicles is a common problem for many homeowners. A 10-foot-wide by 8-foot-tall garage door is large enough to offer ample access for most large vehicles.

Garage doors for high profile vehicles: 10’ tall (or more)

  • Taller vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, high roof cargo/passenger vans, and conversion vans and vehicles with rooftop storage racks, may require a door height of 10 feet or more.

Garage doors for RV parking: 12-14’ wide x 14-16’ tall

  • RV specific garage doors are usually quite tall and wide. We typically see these on detached garages, as most attached garages are simply too short to house an RV.

Monster-sized, triple garage door: 36-40’ wide x 8’ tall

  • These massive doors are economical and aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to fit three vehicles side-by-side.

Garden shed garage doors: 6’ wide x 6.5’ tall

  • This size of door works well on the typical 18 x 24-foot workshop or garden shed.

Custom garage door sizes

  • We offer a variety of unique custom garage door designs, both smaller and larger than standard sizes, to meet your needs. We can increase (or decrease) the size of your doors based on the size of your current openings, garage structure, and building restrictions. Our wide variety of custom designs ensures you can find the perfect size door for anything from a golf cart to a garden tractor, boat, or RV.

What Size Custom Garage Door Do I Need?

If you have unique garage door requirements, contact Madden Door and tell us your needs. We’ve been providing trusted garage door services since 1976. Our experienced team can help you determine the ideal garage door for your application. Our custom designs ensure the dimension you need, alongside the curb appeal and performance you expect from a quality garage door. You can count on us for safe, professional installation and optimal garage door performance for years to come.

Do you need something more than the typical “off the shelf” garage door options? Learn more about available custom garage door sizes to meet the unique needs of your Contra Costa, Alameda, or Solano County home. Contact Madden Door & Sons at 925-208-4907 today.  

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