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Why Garage Door and Openers Pricing is Changing Rapidly

The extraordinary circumstances of COVID continue to take a toll on product pricing across a range of industries. As variant after variant continues to wreak havoc on the global supply chain, creating a ripple effect, new garage door and openers pricing is changing rapidly. These struggles have affected all local garage door companies.

What to Expect When Purchasing Garage Doors or Parts in 2022

The availability of garage doors, garage door openers, and parts like springs and rollers continues to fluctuate. Key components including wood, glass, and aluminum are in short supply, causing prices on many garage door parts to rise as availability tightens. In some cases, parts may be unavailable. Delivery times may also be difficult to narrow down. If you’re in the market for new garage doors or need parts in 2022, expect to wait weeks or months.

When Will the Situation Improve?

Labor plays an integral role in product shortages and delays. Sick or quarantined workers and shuttered facilities can’t produce goods. Shipping containers, ships, trucks and trains, and warehouse facilities are also in short supply, compounding delays.

City Laws and Rules Adjusting in Response to Garage Door Installation Delays

Due to the ongoing nature of garage door supply chain issues and the length of delays, some Bay Area city inspectors have suspended certain rules. Homes may now be boarded up in some circumstances while awaiting new garage doors or backordered parts.

Madden Door Rises to Help Homeowners Meet Garage Door Challenges

Madden Door is here to help our customers ride the waves of market changes. In this trying time, you can rely on our garage door installation professionals to always be upfront and honest about cost and delivery timetables. If you need new garage doors or parts, you can count on us to get your order in as quickly as possible. We will do our best to keep your current door functional, finding safe alternatives to garage door operational issues when available while you await new garage doors or parts.

Garage door and opener pricing is changing rapidly. To ensure you get your new garage doors or parts quickly and avoid price increases, Madden Door & Sons urges you to reach out and discuss your project needs as soon as possible. Contact us at 925-208-4907 to get current pricing and speed service at your Bay Area, Concord, Oakland, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Fairfield, or Vallejo home today.

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What to Look for When Pricing a Garage Door

What to Look for When Pricing a Garage Door

Wow! That garage door at that price seems too good to be true – and it probably is. Cheap garage door pricing often hides a laundry list of exclusions in the tiny type. Do you know what to look for when pricing a garage door for your Bay Area home, so you can be sure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for? Watch out for what may be missing from that bargain-basement garage door system.

Quality Garage Door Craftmanship

Price is largely a reflection of materials and craftsmanship. Thicker, quality doors stand up to break-ins, weather, and abuse from kids, while thin doors crumple under pressure. Well-fitted, insulated quality garage doors can also help you control energy costs, unlike flimsy, poorly sealing, uninsulated doors. In addition to these design deficiencies, cheap garage doors are also much more likely to fail spectacularly, buckling under pressure, sliding off track, and falling apart under everyday use. In the long run, buying bargain-basement doors for your Walnut Creek home will cost more in repairs and require replacement twice as often (or more) than affordable, quality garage doors.

Garage Door Parts Above Contractor Grade

What’s that bargain garage door deal really offering you? Bargain springs begin the countdown to replacement at installation while upgrading to better quality springs that last twice as long are manageable a few bucks more. Cheap, squeaking rollers may not seem like such a bargain after your spouse repeatedly wakes you in the early morning hours when they are leaving for work. Garage door openers that operate smoothly and safely without shaking the whole house should likewise not be a luxury.

Professional Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are heavy and use components under pressure that can cause significant bodily harm if not properly installed. A reputable installation professional is essential for a well-fitted, balanced, smoothly operating system. That’s why at Madden Door, we don’t use subcontractors. Our installation professionals work for us, and we stand by their quality work and expertise. Our team can handle the trickiest installs, including non-standard openings and tight quarters. You’ll encounter no surprises before, during, or after installation with our crew. All our garage doors include expert installation, hardware and labor, and the disposal of your old doors.

A Dependable Garage Door Warranty

When it comes to garage door quality, the truth is in the warranty. Quality manufacturers like Wayne Dalton offer a good warranty and great value. They stand behind their products, and this is reflected in the warranty. The same holds true for garage door openers.

Truth in Advertising

Ensure a lasting garage door investment with help from Madden Door. Our sales team is happy to help you find a reliable garage door. We offer a variety of affordable garage doors to meet every budget. We’ve been assisting customers with selecting and installing garage doors in the Bay Area since 1977. Our reputation is unsurpassed.

Watch out for cheap garage doors. Know what to look for when pricing a garage door for yourBay Area, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Concord, Oakland, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Fairfield, or Vallejo home. Contact Madden Door at 925-208-4907 to get a trustworthy quote on an affordable new garage door today.

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Garage Door Prices Are Increasing – Why?

In the months since COVID began, prices of consumer goods have continued to climb. Why are garage door prices increasing? Garage doors are one of many market segments experiencing extremely high demand due to homeowners’ focus on home improvements during the pandemic. Inventory is rapidly shrinking as manufacturers struggle to produce new garage doors and parts built to meet strict federal and local standards.

Supplies of Garage Door Parts and Materials are Drying Up Fast

Those in the market for new garage doors or in need of emergency garage door repairs may find parts and materials hard to come by or nonexistent. You can expect to wait an extended time for garage doors and parts like springs and garage door openers. Orders continue to get pushed further back, with no reliable ETA on new inventory. Frequently, when new garage doors do arrive (months later than expected), they come without the necessary hardware, creating installation snafus.

No End in Sight for Soaring Garage Door Prices

Since January 2021, manufacturers have raised prices on garage doors and hardware by 50%. The cost of raw materials like lumber and steel has risen exponentially over the last several months. Pandemic-related factory shutdowns, supply chain issues, labor shortages, increased transportation costs, and shipping delays continue to complicate matters, making parts and materials nearly impossible to come by. By December, industry experts expect to see an increase of 100% on garage doors and parts.

Prices on Raw Materials Continue to Climb

As the domino effect of world events continues to take its toll, the prices of raw materials needed for garage doors (and many other home improvement projects) continue to climb. High-demand materials like lumber and steel are up 35 and 40%, respectively. Plastic, concrete, asphalt, and other construction products have also drastically increased in price. The added cost of these materials inevitably trickles down to consumers, stressing businesses and buyers alike.

Do you need a new garage door or parts for the garage doors on your Bay Area, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Concord, Oakland, Pittsburg, or Brentwood home? Garage door prices are increasing – take advantage of available equipment while it lasts before costs climb higher. Contact Madden Door & Sons at 925-208-4907 to schedule your garage door installation or maintenance services today.

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