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Why is Cedar a Good Garage Door Material?

The warm look of wooden garage doors can transform a previously bland garage space into the focal point of your home. However, the type of wood you choose has a significant impact on the finished results. Though there is no single, “best” wood garage door style, cedar garage doors are a definite favorite among our customers. Why is cedar a good garage door material?

The Benefits of Cedar Garage Doors

  • Cedar is amazingly durable.
    Cedar garage doors boast excellent resistance to damage from moisture and insects. Cedar stands up to any weather, remaining straight and true without cracking or warping.

  • Cedar is lightweight.
    Cedar is a light, porous wood that is easy to move, allowing for effortless garage door opener operation.

  • Cedar is an excellent sound and heat insulator. 
    The porous nature of cedar thwarts the transfer of air and sound, giving it an excellent insulating value, and allowing it to absorb noise effectively.

  • Cedar offers a variety of aesthetic options.
    Whether you prefer a rustic, weathered look, a uniform finish, or a glossy, strikingly patterned garage door, there are a variety of cedar species and paint and stain finishes, allowing you to customize your beautiful cedar garage doors to wonderfully complement your home.

Tips on Caring for Cedar Garage Doors

Though cedar is exceedingly durable due to its tannic acid (a natural preservative) content, it does require occasional care. Be sure to treat your cedar garage doors every two to three years to keep them looking their best. Your garage door manufacturer will include care constructions.

Routine maintenance for stained cedar typically involves carefully scrubbing your cedar doors with a stiff-bristled natural or nylon brush to remove surface contaminants, or scuffing doors lightly with fine-grit sandpaper, working with the grain. You should follow this cleaning with two coats of semi-transparent or solid oil-based penetrating exterior stain, taking care to finish every side and edge to preserve the wood.

Heighten the curb appeal of your Alamo, El Cerrito, Oakland, Fairfield, Pittsburg, San Pablo, or San Rafael home with beautiful cedar garage doors from Madden Door & Sons. Contact us at 925-208-4907 for a quote or fill out our online contact form today.

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Cedar Garage Doors Provide a Handsome Home Appearance

Cedar garage doors make a statement, serving as a visually stunning focal point for your home. Standing out from the competition, cedar garage doors from Madden Door & Sons provide a handsome home appearance, offering far more than just good looks.

Cedar Garage Doors Offer Many Benefits

Cedar garage doors are among our most popular wood garage door options. Our customers are quick to fall for its classic good looks, unique natural color variations, and its ability to blend beautifully with many architectural styles. We can customize your cedar doors to special shapes and sizes, or add a distinctive touch with unique stains.

Cedar wood contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay, and insect infiltration, easily withstanding weather and sunlight exposure with regular sealing. Tough and lasting, they will not crack or dent.

Our cedar garage doors are an environmentally friendly, green choice. Cedar is renewable and biodegradable, absorbing greenhouse gasses as trees grow. A natural insulator, cedar doors can also improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling use.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Beauty of Natural Cedar

Madden Door & Sons offers many cedar garage door styles to complement your home:

  • Traditional cedar garage doors
    Our traditional cedar garage doors come in two options, including a raised panel design for texture and visual interest, and flat, solid paneled designs.
  • Contemporary cedar garage doors
    The sleek lines of our contemporary cedar garage doors make an impressive addition to modern home designs. Bedecked with windows, they pack a dramatic punch, flooding your garage with natural light.
  • Carriage-style cedar garage doors
    The intricate craftsmanship and timeless sophistication of carriage-style garage doors make them a popular choice. Ensure convenience with our popular roll-up designs, or add a distinctive touch with doors that roll outward.
  • Custom stain grade garage doors
    • Our cedar and wood garage doors offer nearly limitless customization possibilities. We can craft our custom stain-grade garage doors to work with non-level flooring, curving, or hillside locations. We can also match garage door arches to the opening of your new home, or incorporate them into your door design even if your opening is square at the top.

Cedar garage doors provide a handsome home appearance. Contact Madden Doors & Sons at 925-208-4907 to learn more about adding the stunning looks of cedar garage doors to your Hercules, American Canyon, Oakland, Pittsburg, or San Rafael home today.

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