New Springs Bring Lift to Your San Francisco Garage Door

From a small urban bungalow in downtown San Francisco to a sprawling estate in Napa Valley, every garage door relies upon large coiled springs to function. Garage door springs are the one or two large wire coils that help to lift and lower your garage door. It would be nearly impossible to hoist the heavy garage door without these springs. And ultimately, all garage door springs wear out and need replacement. When they do, call Madden Garage Door for service.

A typical garage door is outfitted with either torsion or extension springs. Some of the older San Francisco homes with the original garage door have a swing up door with the accompanying extension springs. Many of the newer homes and even some of the older dwellings don the sectional roll-away door that lifts with the help of torsion springs.

A local industry leader for more than 30 years, Madden Door has performed countless routine inspections and repairs on garage doors throughout San Francisco. Our highly skilled technicians know how to address and repair potentially hazardous garage door springs and keep you safe from harm.

Don’t delay having your San Francisco garage door springs inspected today. Call us at 925-935-4580. Or request a garage door repair service call.

Broken Garage Door Springs can Cause Tragedy in Your San Francisco Home

Faulty or broken garage door springs can turn your peaceful San Francisco home into a chaos. Too often, damaged garage door springs can cause the garage door to suddenly drop to the ground without warning, crushing anything or anyone in its path.

Some thrifty homeowners wonder if they can perform repairs on their own should they see a broken garage door spring. However industry experts advise homeowners to close the door and call a professional garage door expert immediately. Because of the garage door’s weight and size, you could end up getting hurt or even killed while attempting to make the repair.

Purchasing garage door springs from the local San Francisco home improvement store isn’t an option either since you must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to successfully replace or repair springs.

Don’t risk become a statistic! Contact Madden Door before attempting a garage door springs repair. We will work with you to identify the best way to repair your garage door and have it working safely in no time.

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