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Why it’s important to GET YOUR DOOR SERVICED IF IN DOUBT! Please read:

Woman Dies After Garage Door Falls on Her Neck

06/01/2009 In Chicago over the weekend, a woman was found pinned by her neck under her garage door.

According to the report from, the door was damaged from an earlier accident involving the woman’s daughter, who drove into it. Family members speculated that Yneekah Garcia, a fiercely independent single mother, did not want to ask for help with the garage door.

Investigators suspect that when Garcia returned home late Friday evening, she tried to manually lower her 200-pound door. Instead, it fell and pinned her by the neck, crushing her. A full investigation is still pending

Source: Found Crushed to Death by Garage Door

Woman Pinned by Ambulance Bay Door Dies of Injuries

10/05/2009 A woman was pronounced dead the morning after being discovered pinned under an ambulance bay door at the Canyon County Paramedic’s building in Caldwell, Idaho. She died as a result of her injuries, deemed “accidental compression asphyxia” by the coroner. Initial investigation revealed that after an ambulance exited the bay area, she attempted to gain access through the overhead door while it was closing. It is unclear why the door’s safety settings were not activated.

Source: Caldwell Woman Dies After Being Pinned Under Garage Door

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