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Whether you need a specialty garage door to boost your home’s curb appeal in Berkeley or are concerned about the rattles and squeaks coming from your garage doors in Sonoma or San Francisco, Madden Door Company can help.

We’re your San Francisco friends and neighbors; rooted in the community for more than 33 years. Our services run the gamut from garage door maintenance and repairs to complete custom design and installation. We carry all major brands for your convenience.

  • Endless choices of steel or wood doors—customizable to match your home’s personality
  • Daily repair and installation specials
  • Licensed and industry trained installers and technicians
  • The largest selection of garage door openers and remotes
  • Competitive rates for maintenance, installation, design and repair

When you work with the most reliable garage door company in San Francisco, you know you can count on quick, prompt service, quality products and knowledgeable, friendly technicians.

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A San Francisco Garage Door Company Working for YOU

Your garage door takes up approximately 30% of your home’s front exterior space. The right garage door can not only boost the value of your home, but also save you money.

Identifying a garage door that enhances and supports your home’s design and structure are vital to reaping financial rewards during the sale. Unfortunately some home owners are drawn to a garage door design that may look appealing in the showroom but may not match their home’s unique style.

When you work with a design expert at Madden Door we will help you to eliminate mismatched garage door design options thanks to our in-house professional design services. With our flawless installation and regular maintenance checks, you won’t need to contact a San Francisco garage door company frequently.

While curb appeal can add value to your home, the right garage door can also save you tremendous amount of money on energy costs. During chilly San Francisco winters, homeowners can save cash by installing an insulated garage door.

Insulated garage doors trap heat and air from your HVAC system because they are made with materials such as polyurethane and polystyrene. Polyurethane is a condensed liquid that expands and fills tight spaces whereas Polystyrene is delivered in flat sheet that feels like a Styrofoam cup. Both materials are important to sealing the door, which allows the home to maintain heat.

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For Safety, Comfort and Life…Your San Francisco Garage Door Company is Standing By

Did you know that 60% of all home burglaries occur through the home’s ground floor? Many home invaders find their way into San Francisco homes through windows, whereas others simply unlatch the garage door and walk right in.

Don’t become a victim of home invasion because your garage door wasn’t strong enough. Contact Madden Door for a garage door home inspection to determine if your garage door will keep intruders away. We will conduct a detailed review of the strength, stability and durability of your garage door and then make recommendations based on our findings.

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