Roll Up Garage Doors Provide Durability & Lots of Options

Available to Bay Area Homeowners from Madden Door & Sons

Roll up garage doors appeal to homeowners because of design flexibility, choice of materials and ability to accommodate a wide variety of spaces. Additionally, those who are “storage challenged” gravitate toward the roll up garage door because it provides additional space in the garage.
Some key features of the roll up garage door include:
  • Durability: roll up garage doors are designed for heavy use and can withstand being repeatedly opened and closed
  • Allows for more storage: slides along the roof of your garage, freeing up more room for storage
  • Secure automated lock system: accommodates a keyless automated locking system as well as automated openers
  • Created from a variety of materials: choose from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, solid wood and metallic
  • Affordable: the wide variety of choices makes the roll up garage door one of the most affordable options on the market
Another benefit of roll up garage doors is the lightweight design. Regardless of which materials you use, the sectional roll up door is designed for ease of use—even a child can open and close the door without straining.
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Should You Consider Roll Up Garage Doors?

Are all homes a good fit for roll up garage doors? While roll up doors can accommodate a variety of homes, homeowners will truly appreciate some of the benefits from its numerous features. Some reasons why a roll up garage door may be right for you:
  • Preserve valuables: a roll up garage door will protect your vehicles and any items you want stored in your garage from rain, wind, cold or heat
  • Growing families: if storage space is at a premium at your home, a roll up garage door adds extra space in your garage for bikes, toys, sporting equipment and the Christmas tree!
  • Boost curb appeal: a flush roll up door looks marvelous on nearly any home design type; plus roll up garage doors can be customized to enhance your home colors and architectural design
  • Home Protection: experts consider roll up garage doors to be amongst one of the sturdiest and most impermeable garage doors on the market. Criminals won’t find an easy way into your home through roll up garage doors
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