How an Overhead Garage Door can Make or Break your Property

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A recent article in a Lansing, Michigan newspaper demonstrates how a neglected garage door can move your home from “passable” to “demolishable.”

The columnist for “Eyesore of the Week,” reviewed an area property and felt that despite the worn paint and truck on cinderblocks, it was the badly mangled garage door which helped the homeowner win this dubious award.

A recent article in this column further illustrates the importance of having a properly maintained and installed overhead garage door. In this case the garage door is peppered full of broken windows and tired, stripped paint, providing a “welcome sign” for small pests and even intruders.

Architecture critic, Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says:

“Neglected garage doors diminish the overall attractiveness of this early 20th century house. Everyone thinks garage doors are no big deal. All too often, people choose doors that are fairly commonplace. The fact is that garage doors (especially for two-car garages) cover an immense amount of the facade and deserve attention. Stylish garage doors enhance both the beauty and value of a home. If you take a walk around your neighborhood, it’s likely that the houses you like best will have the most attractive garage doors.”

Harrell-Seyburn offers several suggestions on how to select an overhead garage door for your home:

  • Review your neighborhood garage door choices and decide what you like and don’t like, concentrating on homes with styles similar to yours
  • Think about what overhead garage door styles you find most attractive
  • Consider adding windows to your garage door which can flood the space with plenty of natural light
  • Decide on which materials would compliment your home and your security needs

Your next step should be to visit an established company like Madden Door to select your overhead garage door. We have endless styles and materials in our showroom, plus we can fabricate custom made designs.

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The Right Overhead Garage Door Can Prevent Tragedy

Too often a faulty overhead garage door contributes to tragedy in a homeowner’s life. From experiencing a critical injury to theft, broken or ill-maintained overhead garage doors can have dangerous consequences.

An un-maintained overhead garage door can provide a direct path for intruders to enter your home. Here are a few ways to prevent a home invasion through your overhead garage door:

  • Have your overhead garage door system inspected and maintained yearly
  • If you have a keyless entry system, never give your password to anyone outside your immediate family
  • Always lock the door leading from the garage to your home
  • Inspect your garage and door area for gaps or holes that can be used to enter the garage

While keeping an eagle eye on your home and taking extra measures will help to keep you safe, rely on the professionals at Madden Door to maintain and repair your overhead garage door.

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