Madden Garage Door Openers

The Genie Original

The screw drive features Genie’s exclusive direct-drive, which provides maximum lifting force, The screw drive has fewer moving parts for years of reliable operation.

On a scate of 1-10:
Quiet: 6
Durablity: 8
Reliability: 10

This operator is recommended for 1-Piece doors, sectional doors when plenty overhead clearances or tight back clearances. Not recommended on noise-sensitive areas – the housing tends to vibrate a little.

Pilot™ 1/2 HP Chain Drive

For smooth operation wth maximum performance, you need the Pilot garage door opener. And our lifetime motor warranty means you can depend on the enduring safety and reliability of the Pilot. Recommended on steel and wood sectional doors. Quiet scale 1-10, it is about a 7. Durability: 10! Reliability: 10! Recommended on steel and wood sectional doors when you want durability! Chain drive is a tested design for 20 years strong!

Aviator™ 1/2 HP Belt Drive

For peace and quiet and peace of mind, you need the Aviator garage door opener. The Aviator comes complete with several safety features designed to protect you and your family. And our lifetime motor waranty means you can count on safe, quiet comings and goings for as long as you own your home. Recommended on steel and wood sectional doors. Quiet scale 1-10, it is about an 8.5! Durability: 8.5! Relieability: 10! Recommended on steel doors and wod sectional doors when you want a durable, quiet operator.

DC 3700™ 1/2 HP DC Powered Belt Drive
Our best made operator!

The DC 3700 comes with an Ultra-Quiet rail assembly with steel reinforced belt for door heights up to 12′. The is quite possibly one of the quietest doors available today.

On a scale of 1 – 10:
Quiet: Absolute 10! You won’t believe it ’till you can barely hear it.
Durability: 9 on steel doors (ask us about wood doors)
Reliability: 10!

The Martin Residential Door Opener is the newest of Martin Door’s innovative and elegant products. The DC 3700 has an unbeatable lifetime warranty, and comes with many other features and options.

  • It passed Martin’s 100 year 100,000 cycle, 500 lb (226 kg) garage door test.
  • We challenge any opener to match Martin’s long-life, quality, safety, security, and silent operation.
  • Like all Martin Door products, safety is a primary focus. That’s why the DC 3700 comes standard with photo eye invisible safety reverse light beams to protect families (3700X optional).
  • Two “Mini” 2-Button Transmitters are Included
  • Transmitters
    Vault Garage Key Release is Optional (Releases the opener from the door during a power outage on garages where the only access is the garage door.)
  • The Martin Opener is offered with Chain or Belt Rail and is designed for doors up to 12′ (3700) high.
  • Smart Computer: Sets the Limits and Lifting Force, Controls and Monitors all other Systems, Easy to Program
  • One 3 Function Wall Control Included: Illuminated Button, Vacation Lock, Light Switch
  • (Optional) Wireless, Keyless Entry with Back-Lit Buttons, controls up to three doors.
  • Vault Release
    (Optional) Key Switch.
  • There are different models with differing benefits and drawbacks. Our strongest recommendation is to take a visit to our full design / demonstration showroom where we have these operators running for you to compare and understand which is best for you!

Custom Garage Door Installation

Unique detail on this door: Notice the center of the door, where there appears to be a post. This is done for clients who intend on adding faux hardware (hinges/handles to make it look like the door swings open). At the time of this picture being taken, they had not decided yet to use faux hardware.

Custom Garage Door with Arched Grid Windows

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