Why Are There So Many Garage Door Opener Models?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Madden Door Can Help

Why are there so many garage door opener models? While it makes the choice overwhelming, they are designed for different types of doors. The knowledgeable staff at the Madden Door showroom will explain how they work and help you determine which one is the perfect match for your garage door. The performance and durability of your door is impacted by the opener you select as well as the installation quality. Our expert garage door and opener installation service guarantees problem-free operation.

We have briefly explained here, the main considerations in the selection process to help you understand why there are so many different types of garage door opener models.

Garage door opener models explained:

  • Style and function: Garage door openers are available in three main types.

Belt drive – a premium variety that is perfect for homes with a room above the garage

Screw drive– a durable system that is ideally suited to tilt up garage doors

Chain drive – the most popular choice that can lift the heaviest doors

  • Horsepower: This determines how much weight your garage door opener will be able to lift. Naturally, a heavy or oversized garage door needs a higher horsepower (HP). A ½ HP opener is meant for standard doors while a ¾ HP gives you more power and reduces wear and tear on the door. A 1 HP, typically meant for the heaviest doors, is designed to deliver maximum efficiency and power. We will help you match the right opener to your door.
  • Speed: The average time a garage door opener takes is 7 seconds, but some newer models can cut that time in half.
  • Noise: Chain drive garage door openers are an economical option, but noisy. Since belt-driver openers have no metal or banging parts, they are the quietest option.
  • Accessories: Lights, remote operation and security are additional features that many Bay Area homeowners like to have. Our clients enjoy quality, safety and convenience.

For over 30 years, Madden Door & Sons has provided homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area with high quality garage doors and openers. We also offer garage door opener specials from time to time. Enjoy our unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee offered with all garage door installations.

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