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The fact that you are searching online for information on “How to install a garage door” probably means that you are considering a do-it-yourself project. Or it could be that you want to understand the process before you call someone to install a garage door for you. Either way, know that the sheer weight of a garage door makes it next to impossible for an amateur to install properly.

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Here are the basic steps to keep in mind about how to install a garage door:

  1. Attach weatherstripping to the bottom edge of the first panel and then set the panel in the garage doorway. Drive a few nails into the door jamb so they wedge the door in place.
  2. Follow the garage door manufacturer’s instructions to assemble various track pieces.
  3. Install rollers, brackets and tracks alongside the perimeter of the door way.
  4. Install rollers into the second section—ask a friend or family member to help you lift the second section into place…caution – it’s heavy!
  5. Fasten the hinges between sections, then install the third section the same way you attached the second to the first.
  6. Install the horizontal and curved tracks by screwing the track hanger to the solid framing.
  7. Add the torque tube according to the manufacturer’s directions and then tighten all fasteners.

Sound easy enough? While you can attempt DIY a garage door installation, most people will rely on professional garage door installers like Madden Door, located in Martinez, CA to do the job. One missed step or a step performed incorrectly could cause your garage door system to come crashing down on your vehicle, or worse…on you or a family member. It’s not worth the risk!

Leave Garage Door Installation to the Experts—Madden Door

Instead of trying to follow complicated manufacturer’s directions on how to install a garage door, leave it to the professionals at Madden Door. We’ve been installing and repairing garage door systems for over 33 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hire only highly skilled technicians and installers to work with our customers.

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