Standard Garage Doors

Practical, cost-effective, functional and safe…all what a garage door should be! After all, it’s the largest moving item in the home, and it goes over your head, your cars, your family or your tenants.

With a more traditional look, our standard wood and steel sectional garage doors usually feature embossed raised panels with a wood grain texture (on steel doors), raised or flat panel inserts along with paint or stain grade in wood sectional garage doors.

Our Standard Garage Doors are in two major subcategories: Steel and Wood Garage Doors.

Standard Steel Garage Doors have features that range from very entry-level (but come with light-weight steel that is easy to dent), or for a modest cost increase include better models that feature bonded insulation for strength, noise reduction and thermal performance, all the way to the strongest-made, highest-insulated garage doors available in the industry.

We at Madden Door have 37 years of building relationships with the most respected brands of Steel Garage Doors in the trade, as well as offer competitively priced doors for just ‘getting the job done’…those are particularly a good move when you’re simply trying to spruce up your home to sell right away!

Standard Wood Garage Doors have a more traditional look for the wood purest, where the look and feel of wood is a must! Or when your concrete floor is out of level and you want to seal that gap – we can custom-scribe the bottom of our traditional wood sectional doors for a great solution to this problem!

Don’t overlook the architectural enhancements you can dramatically add to your home with this one purchase. Choosing to add decorative windows into the garage door can make a standard garage door suddenly “pop” to add a relevant design to your home, add a lot of natural light to the garage interior for energy-efficiency and enhance your home’s curb appeal!

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