Long-Lasting Wood Garage Doors to Match Your Bay Area Home

Madden Door Has a Wide Selection including Custom Designs

Give your home a distinct look with rich wood garage doors from Madden Door & Sons. We offer a wide range of design and material choices to match your preferred style and budget. Flat or raised panels, plain wood or with tempered glass, modern or vintage; tell us the type of garage door you want and we can create one for you. When combined with our top quality workmanship and customer service, your wood garage doors will deliver years of problem-free service.

The top 3 benefits of wood garage doors:

  • Can be customized to meet the unique needs of your home. This goes beyond matching your stylistic preferences to include taking care of common installation challenges such as sizing and uneven flooring and walls.
  • Durable and rugged construction offers years of performance. Wood garage doors are not only more dent and crack resistant, they also act as a natural sound barrier to reduce noise and insulate your home from extreme heat and cold.
  • Rich and decorative look will enhance your home’s exterior. Wood has a distinct look offering your home classic and natural beauty.

Visit our showroom at 4300 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA to find a stylish and sturdy wood garage door for your Bay Area home. If you don’t see something you like, our garage door designers will be more than happy to custom design a door for you.

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Expert Installation of Wood Garage Doors

We Also Offer Garage Door Repair Services

Madden Door & Sons offers skilled installation of high quality custom and standard garage doors. Whether you need a new installation or a garage door replacement, our service comes with a unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee that ensures problem-free operation and your absolute satisfaction.

For 37 years, Madden Door & Sons has provided top quality installation, repair and replacement of wood garage doors for homes in the Alameda, San Ramon, San Rafael, Richmond, Fairfield and Livermore areas of Northern California.

Contact us today to inquire about wood garage doors for your Bay Area home.

ABOVE: The doors consist of stile-and-rail construction (the horizontal and vertical ‘frames’ of these doors) and panel inserts (the rectangular panels you see here with these images). Above left: Raised panel, Paint grade. Above right: Flat panel, Paint grade.

This is a higher resolution, and is called a Flat panel stile and rail wood sectional with Stockton windows. The close up is of the same windows, which is a great way to show potential clients the glass detail a little more close up in this series.

Pictured above are a double and single car garage, featuring Raised Panel Medex (ideal paint-grade/weather-resistance material). Notice you can choose wider or smaller panels across…this client desired a simple look.

Stile and rail wood sectional with Stockton grid windows

Flat panel Hemlock Fir in Millcreek Pattern with obscure matching glass

ALL MAHOGANY (yes, special-ordered) – So the rails and stiles, as well as all the panel inserts, are ALL HONDURAN MAHOGANY.Added are White Satin custom tempered glass – the goal by the client in this case was rather extreme – they had bought a new front door system consisting of same materials, and decided they wanted to tie the garage doors with the same species of wood. We advised them this would be extreme in costs, but the outcome was stellar.

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