Unique Garage Door Installations in the Bay Area

We Offer Custom Garage Door Design Services

Unique garage door installations give your property a one-of-a-kind look and feel. They also help meet space challenges or other structural requirements. Contemporary or traditional garage doors, and in steel, aluminum or wood; the garage door design possibilities are endless. Add stylish windows and hardware and your home will definitely make a lasting impression. All you need is a professional garage door company experienced in custom garage door installations.

Here is a great example of how we can turn your unique custom garage door ideas into reality!

Madden Door & Sons is a Diamond-Certified garage door company offering custom garage door services for Bay Area home owners. Fine quality materials and workmanship offer both aesthetic and functional value.

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Choose Any Design for Your Unique Garage Door Installation

Madden Door & Sons has been offering custom garage door services in the Bay Area for more than three decades. Design expertise, first class materials and exceptional workmanship contribute to unique garage door installations that homeowners are proud to display.

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What sets our garage door services apart?

  • We can bring virtually any design to life: Rich, warm feel, a cool, hip look or somewhere in between—Madden’s unique garage door installations capture your unique style and spirit infusing your property with both character and charm.
  • Wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from: Steel, aluminum, wood, recycled fibers, composite and more; it’s really up to you to choose what you want for your garage door.
  • Garage doors designed to fit your space: Working with less space? Need a unique garage door to maximize your space limitations? Our custom doors are tailored to your specific needs. The doors are sized to the exact height and width of your property and we can also accommodate special requirements for safety, insulation and storage.
  • Expert installation, support and service from highly skilled technicians: This ensures that your custom garage door works smoothly for years to come.

Unique garage door installations from Madden Door & Sons offer enhanced curb appeal which translates to improved property value. We’ll help you design that perfect garage door!
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