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Tilt Up Garage Doors Offer Several Design and Functional Benefits

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Tilt up garage doors have been a part of traditional Americana for decades. The one-piece construction, coupled with numerous design features has made the tilt-up door a Bay Area favorite. Older wooden tilt up doors can wear out, flex, bow, or break due to their weight. Replace yours with a new one from Madden Door!

Some key features to help evaluate your tilt up garage door choices:

  • They are now designed using a variety of materials including wood, steel and aluminum
  • One piece doors lend creativity and interest to a contemporary or modern homes, as well as our traditional California homes
  • Choose between flush or raised panel construction
  • Doors can be stained or painted depending on your home design and style
  • Ideal for a spacious garage area because the door pivots up and out, then slides along the ceiling of the garage
  • Manual and automatic doors can be installed, repaired, or replaced

One of the biggest benefits of tilt up garage doors is the flexibility and choices available to homeowners. Whether you have a traditional Tudor, Escher flat-top, or a sleek modern home, tilt up garage doors add character and enhance the overall look of your home. Confused about which one is best for you? Our knowledgeable garage door experts can assist you with making the right decision.

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Design Ideas for Tilt Up Garage Doors

Work with your garage door installer to explore some great design options. One way to ascertain which type of garage door is best for your home is to evaluate your home’s style, especially the design of the other doors. Your front door is a wonderful point of reference for garage door design ideas. You may also want to consider:

  • Traditional wood: a distinctive carriage house design, complete with raised paneling
  • Contemporary aluminum: typically a flat, streamlined design, complemented by monochromatic colors
  • Multi-raised paneled: ideal for a traditional home—can be created from a variety of materials
  • Windows: shed some light and “interest” into the garage with storm resistant windows
  • Exterior lighting to enhance design elements: hidden track lighting along the top of your garage to feature your door and add more security

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