Stuck Garage Door? Don’t Risk the Safety of Your Home

Expert Repair and Replacement Solutions from Madden Door

A jammed or stuck garage door is not just a nuisance; it’s also a safety issue,especially if it is stuck when open. Our skilled repair technicians in the Bay Area will diagnose and correct the problem quickly and efficiently. We have extensive experience with all makes and models and our service trucks are well-stocked with the right tools, equipment and parts for the job. Whether your door is fully or halfway open, or shut and won’t open, we will get it working properly to secure your home.

How We Fix Your Stuck Garage Door

Here is the typical process a repair technician from Madden Door will follow:

  • Diagnosing the problem: Your garage door may be stuck for a variety of reasons including broken springs, a malfunctioning garage door opener, broken hinges or a track problem. Our team has seen and dealt with all types of issues and provides efficient repair services.
  • Fixing your door: Whether you need a new motor, hinges, cable or springs, our repair technician comes well-equipped to get your garage door functioning properly again.Well-stocked vans with a full array of tools and genuine parts reduces wait times and delays.
  • Replacing your garage door: Should it make more sense to replace your garage door rather than fix it, we offer a range of affordable doors for your Bay Area home. All our new garage doors are skillfully installed and backed by a unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee.
  • Installing a new opener: Sometimes the opener can’t handle the weight of your garage door and that may be causing it to get stuck. We can install an appropriate garage door opener that will allow you to safely operate your door. Look out for our periodic specials and enjoy greater value.
  • Final check: Once the repair work or replacement is complete, our technician will perform a final check to ensure your door is opening and closing the way it should.

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End those Frequent “Stuck Garage Door” Days

Madden Door & Sons has been providing dependable garage door repair and installation services in the Bay Area for more than 38 years. With our lasting solutions and professional workmanship, you can avoid future stuck garage door situations.

Call us at 925-357-9781 and let our team attend to your stuck garage door. We serve San Francisco Bay Area homeowners in the communities of Alamo, Danville, Moraga, Brentwood, Berkeley, Lafayette, Hercules, San Ramon and Vallejo, CA.

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