Guide to Standard Garage Door Sizes

Which Size is Right for Your Bay Area Home?

Not all Bay area homes have standard garage door sizes. For example, many newer constructions have taller and wider openings to accommodate the bigger vehicles people own these days. You don’t want to discover that your replacement garage door is the wrong size when it arrives for installation. If you are looking to install a new garage door or replace an existing one, you must understand that even within standard garage door sizes, there are varying dimensions.

To avoid any nasty surprises, contact a professional garage door contractor for installation. At Madden Door & Sons, we offer our customers the option of in-home consultations. One of our experienced technicians will show you our garage doors election and take proper measurements before you decide on a standard garage door for your Bay Area home.

Understanding Standard Garage Door Sizes

Curious about the different dimensions of garage doors? Below is a quick overview of standard garage door sizes based on single and double spaces.

  • Single garage door size: Typically 8 x 7, 9 x 7 or 10 x 7 feet and ideal for a car, SUV or van, even a small truck. Keep in mind that accommodating your vehicle also depends on whether or not you use your garage for storing other items.
  • Double garage door size: Usually 12 x 7, 14 x 7 or 16 x 7 feet, they are meant to accommodate more than one vehicle. When shopping for a garage door in this size, also take into account the width and length of your biggest/longest vehicle. This will help you avoid unnecessary scrapes and bumps each time you drive in and out.

Many homes have three car garages or custom built garages designed to house multiple vehicles. There are also some unique garages that are bigger than single spaces but smaller than double spaces. Standard garage door sizes will not apply in these cases.

How to Measure Your Garage Door Size

When measuring the opening for your new standard or custom garage door, do not rely simply on the size of your existing door. If you have a lot of items in your garage or a large vehicle, you may need a bigger door. Since sectional garage doors need more internal space, swing out garage doors might be preferable. Sizing also depends on installation challenges such as uneven flooring or tight spaces. In cases where your garage simply doesn’t have enough space, we have special low profile track hardware that will help. Read our guide on how to measure your garage door opening.

Professional installation of standard garage door sizes eliminates common operational and safety issues. Call us today at 925-357-9781 for a quote.

Wide Selection of Custom and Standard Garage Door Sizes

Professional Installation, Diamond Performance Guarantee

Your garage door installation is backed by our unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee. Extensive experience installing hundreds of custom and standard garage door sizes ensures a proper fit and problem-free operation. Should you have an issue, our garage door repair expert will correctly identify and fix the problem.

For 37 years, Madden Door & Sons has been serving homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you need custom or standard garage door sizes, our competitive pricing allows you to enjoy quality products and customer service.

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