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Should you replace garage doors when they become too worn and old or continue to patch and repair them? Like many household items and appliances, your garage door will not last forever. From modernizing your home to saving money with an energy efficient new door, homeowners have plenty of good reasons to replace their garage door:

  • Modernizing: If you’ve updated the rest of your home, but neglected the garage door, now is the time to replace the old one and complete the transformation.
  • Curb appeal: Homeowners who are trying to sell their house should consider replacing the old one with a modern garage door. Not only will it add curb appeal to the home, you can ‘sell’ the advantage that the door provides energy efficient savings.
  • Better insulation: Older garage doors are not insulated like the newer models. Homeowners can save a significant amount of money on energy expenses with a new, insulated garage door.
  • Replace, not Fix: Sometimes it’s more cost effective to replace the garage door rather than have it fixed. If you’ve had the same repair made time and time again, or see significant wear and tear that can’t be painted over or patched, purchasing a new garage door may be the smarter decision.

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Which Garage Door Company Should You Call to Replace Your Garage Doors?

Although it may be tempting to replace garage doors yourself, garage door installation should always be performed by a professional. In addition to understanding how different doors should work, a professional will ensure your door is installed properly, eliminating safety hazards and possibly costly repairs (due to an improperly installed door) in the near future.

Before you replace your garage door contact a Bay Area garage door company that will walk you through the process of selecting a replacement:

  • Visit our showroom: A reliable garage door company will offer numerous types and garage door samples so you can visualize the door with your home.
  • Schedule installation: Once you’ve decided on a door and your garage door representative has explained the features and benefits of the model, you should schedule a time and day to have it professionally installed.
  • Perform installation: Your installers should arrive promptly, within the given time frame, and get to work immediately. Professionals have the training and expertise and the right tools to ensure the job is done correctly.
  • Door testing: Post installation, the installer will evaluate the installation and make any tweaks that may be required to ensure the door runs smoothly.

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