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New garage doors don’t have to wait until old ones are broken. There are 3 great reasons to meet with our dependable Bay Area garage door company today and see available options for a new garage door:

  • Your current garage door is likely not very energy efficient, so your door may be costing you money
  • You want an enhanced interior and exterior of your home and the new garage door is an important part of that
  • You’d like the added protection and peace of mind of a new garage door made from sturdier, low-maintenance material

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Some Important Considerations When Buying New Garage Doors

  • Sturdy Materials: Many new garage doors are created from steel with an insulated backing. You can also select other types of materials like wood, high density plastic and aluminum.
  • Insulation: A properly insulated garage door will delivers savings on energy expenses each year. Insulation types include polyurethane or polystyrene sheeting along with rubber bulb or flange weather sealing along the bottom for added insulation.
  • Great Appearance: Because a garage door accounts for up to 30% of the front of your home’s exterior, selecting a new garage door that complements the design is key. Consult with a garage door specialist to help you select the perfect door for your garage.
  • Varying Costs: Due to the wide range in modern garage door sizes, materials and features, costs also vary. Steel garage doors are typically the most budget-friendly whereas custom garage doors will likely add costs.

One important benefit of new garage doors is that every model and brand Madden Door carries comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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New Raynor Steel Garage Door

New Raynor Steel Garage Door

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