How to measure your garage door opening:

It is usually easiest to simply close your old garage door and measure the opening from the outside to determine the new door size.

Door opening = Width x Height of opening (NOT the old door) Example: 15’10” x 7’0″ means that the opening is 15 feet, 10 inches wide by 7 feet zero inches tall.

Hint >>To find the height, measure the height from the floor to the frame in 3 locations: left, right and center. Use the largest of the 3 measurements.

To find the width, measure the width from frame to frame in 3 locations: bottom, middle and top. Use the largest of the 3 measurements.

Once you have determined the door size, check the internal clearances:

Headroom space. The normal headroom required for a standard door and operator system is approx. 14″, while custom doors usually require about 18″+. In cases where your garage simply doesn’t have enough space, we have special low profile track hardware to suit older homes/limited spacing. Sometimes, it requires some framing to the opening to accommodate the new door – this is our specialty and how we’ve helped thousands of customers with older homes, so call us and we can talk it over.

Depth: Sectional door systems simply need more inward space to operate than the old door you may have now. It’s a good idea to check for oddities such as in older homes, perhaps old gas or sewer lines that run across the garage ceiling (especially when the garage is situated below the house itself), or perhaps you have a stairway or chimney that blocks the space needed for the new sectional garage door tracks. Try to find those items that may be in the way, measure where they are in relation to the garage door opening, and call us.

Never use your existing garage door as a guide.

Lastly, never count on hearsay to decide your final choice – it is our 37 years of being in business that has taught us how to determine the best outcome for our clients. Rather than the limited information tactics of most of our competitors today, we strive to ensure that all of these factors are looked at for the most relevant door system for you in the end. After all, the best-informed decision is almost always the most satisfying outcome – and our Q-I-V formula of business promises that you will get the best value from Madden Door & Sons, beyond all others!!!

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