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Explore the Premier Martin Garage Door Showroom in the Bay Area

Benefits of Owning A Martin Garage Door

Madden Door is your Bay Area Martin garage door showroom offering numerous style and design choices for the residential customer. Much more than beautiful, Martin garage doors also offer mechanical and safety features that make these doors a superior choice:

  • Supreme safety features: such as the anti-drop safety feature – lifetime protection from a free-falling door – no more fear of an old or broken spring causing your garage door to just fall unexpectedly
  • Hardware durability: lifetime hardware, spring system and long-lasting paint finish
  • Martin Woodline Garage Doors

    ULListed: this industry stamp of approval assures garage door owners that the system is both electronically and mechanically safe

  • 6 Year to Lifetime Warranty: all Martin garage doors come equipped with a manufacturer warranty depending on the specific model

After spending time in our Martin garage door showroom, customers find it difficult to choose one design – allow Madden Door design experts to help!

Get directions to our Martin garage door showroom or call us at 925-357-9781.

Martin Garage Door Showroom Designs

Before heading over to Madden Door’s Martin garage door showroom, explore the design options:

  • WoodlineTM: this original short-paneled look takes the traditional approach to garage door design
  • FlushlineTM: flush panels complement the look of both classic and modern homes
  • CamelotTM: mixed panel design allows you to customize your door combination
  • RanchTM: beautifully elegant crisp lines and distinct details
  • Hi-TensilTM: ribbed panel design is understated, but classic
  • MontanaTM: this long panel only design is Martin’s lighter gauge sectional garage door

Our skilled design team can help you select the right garage door to complement and enhance your home’s design. Plus our expert installers can demonstrate the true benefits of owning a Martin garage door.

Contact Madden Door for directions or to learn more about our Martin garage door showroom. Or call 925-357-9781 today.

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