Garage Doors in the Bay Area: Great Design Ideas

 Experts Show You How to Complement Your Bay Area Home Style

Looked at numerous garage doors in the Bay Area and can’t make a decision? If you want to upgrade your garage door but can’t make up your mind, design experts suggest that you identify other homes with similar styles to help you make a choice.

Bay Area homeowners may consult with the local historical society before you make any garage door decisions on a historic “Painted Lady” or Craftsman homes. Certain regulations apply to historic homes and board approval may be necessary.

Homeowners in the Bay Area have numerous design choices:

  • Carriage House Doors: one of the hottest styles today and one that complements many homes
  • Modern Contemporary Doors: over the past 30 years, modern contemporary homes have emerged in the area, calling for a sleeker, garage door designs from a variety of materials like glass, copper, steel and unique woods
  • Raised Panel Doors: raised panel doors provide a stately look for your home with interesting designs and patterns
  • Textured or Wood Paneled Doors: adding textured or wood paneled doors can add character and interest to your home’s overall appearance

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How to Choose Garage Doors in the Bay Area

Garage doors come in different sizes, shapes and materials. When it comes to making a decision, consider several factors:

  • Garage Door Size: measure your garage door opening before looking at your options – size will also influence price
  • Current Garage Door Style: take a photo of your home and compare a photo of the garage door style to your home to ensure the right design fit
  • Door Insulation: the more insulation, the more protection against the outside elements and noise
  • Weather Demands: Windward facing doors may demand materials that can handle heavier moisture resistance for longer life
  • Garage Door Opener requirements: identify an opener that is compatible with your new garage door
  • Installation: select a garage door company with a history of successful standard and very unique installations

Choosing from a nearly limitless number of garage door options in the Bay Area may be difficult but let Madden Door experts help you make an informed choice.

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