My Garage Door is Stuck Shut—What Should I Do?

Trust the Experts for Cost-Effective Repair

“My garage door is stuck shut. I have tried pushing and pulling with no luck.” At Madden Door & Sons, we frequently receive calls about stuck garage doors. Not being able to open your garage door is inconvenient and frustrating. However, using force or a rod to pry it open can damage both the door and the frame, leading to bigger repair or replacement expenses. Your best option is to call our trained technicians who will fix your garage door that is stuck shut, and offer a lasting solution to prevent future problems.

Why is My Garage Door Stuck Shut?

As an established Bay Area garage door company, we have seen and successfully fixed every type of problem. There are many reasons why your garage door won’t open:

  • Broken torsion spring: This is extremely dangerous, as the springs and cables support your garage door. Do not attempt to inspect, repair or replace torsion springs yourself. In addition to the risk of injury, a lack of experience and inappropriate tools could result in damage to your garage door system.
  • Damaged track: One of the most common reasons formal function and a safety hazard, you should never try to fix this problem yourself. Call a professional to replace the garage door track and ensure it is done correctly.
  • Damaged photo-eye: The photo-eye shoots a laser to open and close your garage door. If this is dirty, damaged or misaligned, your door might not open or shut.
  • Garage door motor is not working: Sometimes accompanied by a humming or grinding sound, a malfunctioning door motor could be responsible for it not opening at all, or getting stuck. This might be caused by a faulty wall switch or remote, a problem with the motor itself, its chain, trolley carriage or sensor. Madden Door has fully-stocked mobile service vans and trained technicians who can fix the problem right away. Should the opener or remote need to be replaced, we have a selection of garage door openers and remotes to meet your needs.

With skilled garage door repairs, we have helped hundreds of Bay Area homeowners distressed by sudden issues with their garage doors. Should garage door replacement make more sense, we have a wide selection in our huge showroom. As a Diamond-Certified garage door company, you are assured of quality products and replacement parts.

For over 30 years, Madden Door & Sons has efficiently repaired and installed hundreds of garage doors in the Bay Area including Brentwood, Antioch, American Canyon, Pleasanton, Oakland, Richmond and Vallejo, CA. Trust us for the right repair solution when your garage door is stuck shut.

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