My Garage Door is Stuck Open! What Do I Do?

Secure Your Home First and Call Trained Technicians Next

“My garage door is stuck open. What do I do? I have tried several times but it does not work.” At Madden Door & Sons, we often receive such calls from distressed homeowners in the Bay Area. The first step is to ensure that the door leading from your garage into the home is secured. Lock your parked cars in the garage or on your driveway. If you have expensive equipment, tools or anything valuable stored in your garage, move it into your home until your garage door is no longer stuck open and has been fixed properly.

Having seen and fixed many types of garage door problems, we know that simply releasing the emergency disconnect or another quick fix solution may not solve the problem. Trying to inspect or repair a heavy garage door without the right tools and experience can be dangerous.

Our trained and skilled technicians have performed garage door repairs on all types of makes and models. After quickly identifying and fixing the problem, we will also test the door to avoid future issues.

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Why is My Garage Door Stuck Open?

There are many reasons why your garage door may be stuck open. These include:

  • Track problems: A variety of issues such as, an object that is lodged in the track, the door coming off the rails, and track misalignment could cause your door to get stuck. Putting the door rollers back on the rails and realigning the track require skill and should be done by a professional.
  • Broken springs or cables: Replacing springs and cables that hold up your door is complicated and dangerous. Never attempt to do it yourself. A wrong move could lead to door collapse resulting in bodily injury and property damage. Also refrain from parking your car in the garage till we fix the problem.
  • Misaligned photo-eye: A dirty or misaligned photo-eye could be the reason why your garage door opened but will not shut. While you can clean the photo-eye, realigning it is more complex and needs professional attention.
  • Opener or remote problem: Sometimes, the garage door opener is not able to support the weight of your door. It is important to ensure that yours is compatible. Our technicians will ensure you have the right garage door opener and remote, and that it is correctly installed.

For over 30 years, Madden Door & Sons has served homeowners in the Bay Area including Brentwood, Antioch, American Canyon, Pleasanton, Oakland, Richmond and Vallejo, CA. You can count on us to correctly fix a garage door that is stuck open.

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