5 Important Garage Door Security Tips

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Does your garage provide easy access into your home—even to intruders? Here are five important garage door security tips to reduce the risk of break-ins. In addition to investing in a garage door monitoring system, you can take these precautions to outsmart burglars.

  1. Install a wood shield or a plastic tie to prevent fishing: Thieves will try to use the emergency release system that disconnects your door from the opener to make their way in. Their modus operandi is to push the door inward creating a gap, and then they insert a wire hook to ‘fish’ for the release and open the door. Installing a shield (a simple wood cleat and scrap of plywood) on the arm of the opener can foil such attempts to break in through your garage. If you have a trolley with two holes,you can also loop a small plastic tie through them to lock the release.
  2. Invest in a garage door monitor: It’s not uncommon to forget to close the garage door; even the most careful homeowners will sometimes make this mistake. It is the opportunity that thieves are waiting for. With a garage door monitor, the sensor will alert you when the door is left open, so that you can close it. All you have to do is place the monitor where you can see and hear it clearly.
  3. Add bright lighting or motion detector lights around your garage: Bright lights are an effective deterrent for intruders. Motion detector lights are a smart, energy-saving option as they only light up when activity is detected.
  4. Don’t leave your garage opener remote in your car: In case your car gets broken into or stolen, at least the thieves will not find the opener and enter your home through the garage. A key chain remote makes the most sense as you can take it with you.
  5. Consider a remote monitoring system to open and close your garage door: With the latest systems installed by Madden Door & Sons, you can monitor, open and close your door from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. You will receive email and text alerts when your door is left open, so you can close it right away.

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Monitoring Systems Top the List of Garage Door Security Tips

Our experienced staff will help you choose the right garage doors and monitoring systems. Already have an opener? The wide range of choices available at Madden Door makes it easy to find a compatible monitoring system. If you need a new opener,check out our garage door opener specials.With proper sizing and expert opener installation we can help prevent common issues and enhance the life of your garage door. If any problem arises, we will quickly diagnose and fix it.

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