3 Essential Benefits of Garage Door Seals

Insulating Solutions for Your Bay Area Home

Garage door seals help make your home more energy efficient and offer a number of other advantages. If you use your garage as a workshop, gym or space for friends and family to hangout, then you want to make it comfortable. You need protection from the heat and cold as well as insulation to block out noise. Imagine trying to watch a game or a movie with the sound of passing traffic. Or working on a DIY project in the stifling heat. With high quality garage door seals, you can spend hours in your garage without being bothered by the weather or the noise.

Bottom and threshold seals, and weather stripping are the most common garage door seals that homeowners choose to install in Brentwood, Pittsburg, Richmond, Fairfield, and across the San Francisco Bay Area. These inexpensive insulating devices can make a significant difference to your comfort and your energy bills.

Why Use Garage Door Seals

  •  Prevent heat loss / gain and block out noise: The gaps around your garage door could be one of the main reasons for your high energy bills. The efficacy of insulated garage doors is also reduced when you have an air leak. Installing a threshold seal or weather stripping can help plug the gaps without affecting the smooth operation of your door. It will also help protect your belongings in the garage from moisture and rust as well as acting as a sound barrier.
  • Keep out pests, dirt and intruders: Do you constantly need to clean out leaves, debris and rain water from your garage? Worried about a rat or a snake finding its way in through the gaps? If you have uneven flooring, a worn out or no bottom seal for your garage door, you may be struggling with these issues. Installing a good quality seal from Madden Door & Sons will keep pests and dirt out. Thieves are known to insert wire hooks through gaps in the garage door to release the emergency opening device. You can reduce the risk of break-ins if your garage door is sealed properly. (Read more garage door security tips from our team.)
  • Enhance the lifespan of your wood or steel garage doors: Garage door seals prevent damage to your concrete floor and reduce wear and tear on your door. They act as a cushion eliminating scrapes and scratches on your floor each time the door closes, while reducing the impact on the garage door itself.

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Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Garage Door Seals

Affordable, Effective and Easy to Install

Proper installation of quality garage door seals will ensure effective insulation and noise prevention. Extensive garage door installation and garage door repair experience enables our technicians to identify the right solution for your door.

Garage door seals are relatively inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your custom garage doors. Visit our showroom to see a huge selection of garage doors, openers and seals.

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