Garage Door Pricing Varies with Size, Style and Material

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Garage door pricing depends on the size, style, material and finish that you choose. Some garage door companies may include installation expenses in the cost or price that separately. Always remember to ask about charges for labor and accessories including garage door openers. Don’t assume they are included; – you should feel comfortable asking questions up front.

How to determine garage door pricing?

  • Size is one of the primary determinants. An estimator will come to your home to take measurements. Make sure your garage door is properly sized or you will encounter problems with operation.
  • Type of material also impacts cost. Standard garage doors in wood and steel may be less expensive than custom garage doors due to design, materials and installation
  • Garage door openers and remotes are usually an additional cost. Prices vary according to type and performance features like power backups, weight of door, lighting, etc..
  • Garage door installation charges vary based on size of door, customization of building or limits within the installation area.

Madden Door & Sons is well known in the San Francisco Bay Area for the best selection of name brand garage doors, quality service and competitive prices. Our garage door company has been offering seamless garage door installation and repairs to San Francisco area residents for more than 30 years. We offer competitive prices, problem-free installation and excellent after-sales support.

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Garage Door Pricing to Suit all Budgets

Don’t let garage door pricing be the sole factor influencing your choice. When choosing a garage door think of durability and safety. A good quality product pays for itself through lasting service, trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.

Madden Door & Sons caters to all types of budgets. We explain every aspect—from appearance and value to price, construction, insulation and garage door openers to help you make the right choice.

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