Why You Need to Install the Right Garage Door Opener

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Liftmaster 3280 belt drive garage door opener

Need to install a garage door opener? Make sure it is the right one for your garage door. Not all products are created equal and the wrong choice could lead to performance and safety issues.

5 key points to consider when installing a garage door opener:

  • Pay attention to the power: It should be able to handle the weight and height of the door easily.
  • Think about the type of drive that you need: Belt drive openers cost more but offer quiet operation. Screw drive garage door openers have moving parts that require maintenance and are a bit noisy. Chain drive openers are the least expensive, very rugged, but noisier and also need more care.
  • Look at the safety requirements: These usual are to do with proper installation and regular maintenance.
  • Ask about additional features: Like wireless entry or security codes that make for simple operation and provide security.
  • Have it professionally installed: Lack of knowledge and experience not only affects performance and life span but can also result in serious injury.

Madden Door & Sons has been providing quality garage door systems and installation service for Bay Area home owners for 35 years. We will help you select and install a garage door opener that best meets your needs.

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Get a Professional to Install a Garage Door Opener for Your Bay Area Home

With all the information available on the Internet you may be tempted to install a garage door opener on your own. This might prove to be a challenge if you don’t have any experience working with garage door systems. Improper installations and adjustments not only cause performance and wear-and-tear issues but they also are a safety risk.

Professional garage door opener installation by Madden Door & Sons will deliver problem-free service.

  • We will come and take a look at your garage door in order to recommend the best opener
  • We have a range of well-known and reliable garage door openers to match your operational and budgetary requirements
  • We only send trained and experienced technicians for every job, no matter how big or how small
  • We provide quality after sales services
  • We have periodic garage door opener specials for your benefit

Madden Door & Sons is a Diamond-Certified garage door company. Contact us for trusted service to install a garage door opener in your San Francisco Bay Area home.

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