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Custom designed panel garage door for custom home

Custom carriage garage door with mahogany and matching features

Need a Garage Door Designer for Your Custom Door?

Choose From Uncommon Materials, Make Your Garage Door Special

Need a garage door designer to create the perfect look for your home? A custom garage door will make your home stand out. Look for a Bay Area garage door company that offers a gallery of materials to choose from – common and uncommon – who will customize your door design to your specifications.

What are the advantages of engaging a garage door designer?

  • The door is tailored to your style, budget
  • Mechanical and structural limitations are taken into consideration at the start
  • Your home gets a unique look
  • Your property gains enhanced curb appeal and value on the market
  • Custom materials and finishes are built to last

The team at Madden Door & Sons of Martinez, CA comprises of experienced garage door designers. For over 35 years we have served Bay Area customers with quality products to meet their discerning tastes.

Contact Madden Door online or call us at 925-357-9781 to speak with an expert garage door designer on our team.

Ask Your Garage Door Designer for Style, Color and Material Choices

If you have decided to consult a garage door designer for a custom door, make sure you get full value for your investment. Material, finish, color and accessories contribute to the overall appearance of your door. Spend time looking over all the options available to you. Your garage door company should be able to provide valuable suggestions to guide your choices.

At Madden Door & Sons, we take the time to understand your needs in order to deliver the results you want to see. Home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area are happy to engage our services because we offer:

  • A wide range of materials to suit your budget; including steel, wood, composite and recycled fibers
  • A variety of designs to meet your style preferences – modern, traditional, period design, a combination of styles, or your own creation
  • Huge palate of colors to choose from
  • An assortment of finishes to create a stunning look
  • Great selection of accessories – including windows and hardware for enhanced aesthetic and functional value

You can count on us for an impressive custom look for your garage door.

Contact us and speak with an expert garage door designer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Styleview clear garage door with anodized frame and sandblasted glass

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Styleview black anodized frame with white laminate glass

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