Eichler Garage Door Maintenance or Replacement—Can’t Decide?

Our Trained Technicians Can Restore Your Original Garage Doors

Should you opt for Eichler garage door maintenance or replacement? This is a common question Bay Area homeowners ask our garage door technicians. Why replace your garage door if maintenance and repair can extend the service life? Should replacement be necessary, we have a showroom full of options for you to choose from. Safety and trouble-free operation are prime considerations when determining whether Eichler garage door maintenance or replacement is best for you.

Ensure Eichler Garage Door Maintenance and Avoid Replacement

Eichler garage doors are known for their style, performance and durability. However, constant use, dust, dirt and moisture can cause operational problems. Regular maintenance by our skilled technicians will help avoid common performance and safety issues, saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement expenses.

Sometimes homeowners consider replacement because they are keen to change the style. Given the post-and-beam construction of Eichler homes, there are often clearance challenges when installing a new door. At Madden Door, we will conduct a detailed assessment to help you determine the right type of door. We suggest you send us interior full view images and exterior images of the opening, so we can initially assess clearances, conditions, and offer aesthetic and functional remedies befitting the theme, space and outcome ideal for your home. We also have a selection of garage door openers and remotes to match your Eichler door model.

When to Replace Your Eichler Garage Door? 

When repair and maintenance are no longer cost-effective or your safety is at risk, we recommend replacing your garage door. A wood garage door that is broken will definitely need to be replaced. If your door’s mechanism is constantly failing, it is time to change it. If your home has the old sliding Eichler garage doors, it is important to know that they are outdated in function as well as hardware. Replacing them is the smarter option and we can recommend the best type for your new door. Click here to inquire or call us today at 925-357-9781.

Professional Eichler Garage Door Maintenance and Replacement

Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee on Your New Door

Extensive experience with Eichler products enables us to get the job done efficiently and correctly, thus minimizing future issues. Our trucks are well-stocked with parts and equipment allowing technicians to get the job done efficiently. We also offer a unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee on your new garage door. Choose from the latest styles and materials including wood, steel, aluminum, glass and metal garage doors to match your taste and budget.

For over 30 years, Madden Door & Sons has been the preferred choice of homeowners in the Bay Area including Walnut Creek, San Jose, Concord, San Francisco and Oakland, CA. Whether you need Eichler garage door maintenance or replacement, you can count on us to provide a cost-effective, lasting solution.

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