Custom Garage Doors to Make Your Berkeley Home Stand Out

Recreate Any Style You Want!

Find the most unique, custom garage doors for your Berkeley home at Madden Door. Our in-house garage door design and installation experts will take your door from functional to stylish! Maximize the curb appeal and value of your Bay Area property. We have a range of materials, colors, finishes and accessories to help create your own distinctive style. Visit our showroom for ideas and to see our sample designs for custom garage doors.

The unique architectural features of Berkeley homes inspire our stylish and strong custom garage doors.

  • Custom designs for Tudor-style homes. Whether you own a cozy cottage or stately mansion, our custom garage doors will recreate the medieval flavor of your Tudor style home. Choose rich stains to match brick, stucco and stone exteriors. Decorative window inserts and hardware will add more interest to your garage door.
  • Elegant styles to match your craftsman home. Looking for a distinctive design that will complement the ornate style of your craftsman home? Consider a rich wooden door with window inserts and trim to accent the fine architectural details or try a colonial barn-style garage door to match the craftsman style. If you prefer a modern look to offset the traditional design, we can create the style you want.
  • Custom glass and metal door options for contemporary homes: Our contemporary designs are perfectly styled for modern homes. Homeowners love how our glass and metal garage doors glow from within at night. A selection of glass inserts allows you to personalize your garage door.
  • Garage doors for HOAs and new condominium construction: Matching the required style of your development project is easy for our specialists in HOA garage door designs.We can also advise you on designs to make your new condominium construction project stand out and help you select a material that will lower your maintenance effort and cost.

As the go-to garage door company for the finest homes in Berkeley and the neighboring areas of California for over 30 years, you can count on us to give your custom garage doors a unique touch.

Expert Installation of Custom Garage Doors

Enjoy a Diamond Performance Guarantee on Your New Door

Madden’s professional installation services ensure seamless operation of your custom garage doors. Our experienced garage door technicians ensure correct fit and installation eliminating common functional issues. A unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee assures you of quality work and customer service. Should an issue arise, our repair experts will quickly identify and fix the problem.

For over 30 years, Madden Door & Sons has been the preferred garage door company of homeowners in Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area. You can count on us for stylish and strong custom garage doors that will deliver lasting performance and curb appeal.

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