How to Compare Garage Door Pricing

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Garage door pricing is typically based on the type of product you order, labor costs as well as any special installation requirements you may have. Pay attention to what is included and what is not when you compare garage door pricing from different vendors.

Here are some important points about garage door pricing to keep in mind:

  • A high price does not guarantee a quality product or service
  • A low price is not necessarily the best deal; often, cheap is cheap for a reason
  • All garage door price estimates are not created equal. For example some may combine the price of the door and installation charges while others may list them separately.
  • Any special discounts should be written in the quote; verbal deals may or may not be honored.
  • Examine the quote carefully for any hidden charges.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the responses.

Madden Door & Sons offers one of the largest selections of standard and custom garage doors in the Bay Area. We can create almost any design that you want, including combining more than one style for a unique appearance. Even our standard doors take on a distinctive look when embellished with stylish window inserts and other accessories.

Visit our showroom at 4300 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA to find the right garage door for your home. Top brands, skilled workmanship and personalized customer service guarantee your satisfaction. Customers find our garage door pricing very affordable and are happy with the quality products and service we offer.

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Compare Garage Door Pricing for the Best Deal

Our Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee Offers Added Value

Madden Door & Sons offers exceptional service both before and after the sale. A unique Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee offers our customers the assurance of problem-free service. It also affirms that we stand behind our products and workmanship. Compare garage door pricing and you will find that we offer exceptional value.

For 37 years, Madden Door & Sons has provided exceptional garage door installation, repair and replacement service for homes in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

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