Garage Door Won’t Open? Solutions to Top Problems

We’ve all been there. You’re on your way out – or just arrived home – and your garage door won’t open. You check everything you can think of, and it just won’t budge. Our garage door professionals deal with this situation frequently. We’ll cover the most common here so you can solve this issue and get on with your day.

Remote Control Not Working

If your door opens using the wall-mounted control, but not your remote, check the battery in your remote (and possibly your car). If this doesn’t work, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset it.

Garage Door Opener Unplugged

Sometimes garage door system plugs work themselves free of the electrical outlet. This is one of the most common reasons for garage door opening failure and a frequent cause of customer embarrassment during garage door service calls. 

Circuit Breaker Tripped

Check to make sure the breaker for your garage door system is fully in the “on” position. If a power surge trips a breaker, your door won’t operate.

Motor Disconnected

The disconnect switch on the trolley allows for manual operation during a power outage. Look for the knob/cord for this switch and make sure the motor is not disconnected.

Door Jammed with Debris

Objects blocking the path of the garage door could engage the safety system and prevent the door from opening. A dirty photo eye – the sensor that detects objects in the path of your door – could also be to blame. Wipe it clean with a soft rag and try opening your door again.

Broken Springs or Snapped Cables

Torsion springs wear under the stress of lifting and lowering your garage door over time. Spring breakage can also cause cables to snap under the weight of doors, which is very hazardous for people/objects in the vicinity. This situation always requires emergency service from a trained professional. Never attempt to address broken springs on your own – improper repair can cause serious injury.

Door Off Track

A damaged or deteriorated door that is off track or out of alignment can easily become stuck.

Lack of Use

Built for regular use, doors that have gone unused for long periods, such as during shelter in place orders, can become inoperable, suffering from neglected garage door maintenance, lack of lubrication, system degradation, and the other issues discussed here.

If you’ve addressed these potential problems and your garage door still won’t open, it’s time to call a pro. While these are common reasons for garage door malfunction, there may be other issues. Fortunately, the experienced garage door repairmen at Madden Door & Sons can help. Contact us at 925-208-4907 for fast garage door service at your Alameda, Antioch, Hercules, Richmond, San Pablo, Concord home today.

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