Madden Door Specials – NO Nonsense SAVINGS!

We at Madden Door have been serving Bay Area clients for over 40 years! Here’s our thanks with high-value in doors, standard installation included, along with removal and disposal of old steel door (wood doors cost extra), climate seal trim and taxes:


Savings Package # 1

Wayne Dalton 9605

Strong, durable

Quiet, insulated

Was $1,750 installed NOW just $1,450!

Interior view of 9605 – Steel backed

Savings Package # 1: $1,450 base, Windows normally $525 now $450. 

  • 9605 features steel on both front and back sides of section with high-density Polyurethane insulation bonded center core.
  • Key benefit: STRENGTH!
  • Fully Insulated (Polyurethane)
  • R value = 11

Savings Package # 2

Wayne Dalton 9100

Insulated, very inexpensive

Great short term/light duty door

Was $1,295 installed NOW just $1,250!

Interior view of 9100 – Liner backed

Savings Package # 2: $1,250 base, Windows normally $525 now $450. 

  • 9100 features steel on outside, bonded core insulation to back side of that steel, and heavy card-board like interior liner
  • Key Benefit: Stronger than non-insulated at great price!
  • Fully Insulated (Polyurethane)
  • R value = 9

Savings Package # 3

Wayne Dalton 8000

Non-insulated, very inexpensive

Short term/very light duty

Was $1,095 installed NOW just $995!

Interior view of 8000

Savings Package # 3: $995 base, Windows  normally $525 now $450.

Non-insulated, single layer of steel

Update the look of the house for minimal dollars – great for selling your home!

This one is All About Price!

Wayne Dalton Garage Door with Windows

All of these specials are based on standard sized doors, including tax, labor, installation! Disposal of old wood door extra. Subject to field inspection. If you don’t know your size or how to measure, please use this “How To Measure a Garage Door Opening” reference.

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