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Protecting You and Your Family

Whether you need a new garage door sensor or are interested in repairs, Madden Door does it all! With 33 years serving the Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano Counties, our name is aligned with being the industry’s “gold standard” for garage door installation and repair.

Garage door sensors are important — don’t take chances with the safety of your loved ones. Contact Madden Door today for a full garage door safety assessment at 925-357-9781. If you prefer to contact us through our website, use our easy online form.

Garage Door Sensors are Important to Good Door Performance

Malfunctioning or improperly positioned garage door sensors can pose both not only an inconvenience, but a danger to you and your family. Garage door sensors are safety mechanisms installed toward the bottom frame of your garage door opening. Sensors detect an object underneath the garage door, preventing the door from closing. Properly installed and working garage door sensors are a life saver. Sensors prevent the garage door from closing when someone is standing underneath – a feature that has saved lives.

However, sensors won’t help if they aren’t in working order. That’s why having an inspection by the safety repair specialists at Madden Door can provide you with peace of mind. Our professionals can not only assess a dangerous situation due to faulty or worn equipment, we can also quickly repair and replace problematic equipment.

Don’t DIY with Garage Door Sensors

The Internet is full of ways to install and repair your own garage door sensors. Unless you are a trained professional it’s best to leave this area of service to a trained garage door mechanic who is certified and has the education and knowledge of how to properly assess, position, install and repair sensors.

One reason is that not all garage door sensors are created equal. Different makes and models require specialized tools and installation knowledge only someone who has been through certified training.

Madden Door certified and trained technicians are ready to help! Contact Madden Door at 925-357-9781 today. Let’s schedule an appointment for a safety inspection and to ensure optimal working condition of your garage door sensor.

There are plenty of areas of home improvement you can “do yourself.” However, when it comes to safety issues don’t cut corners—contact a professional.

Garage Door Sensors and More!

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