Design Ideas for Contemporary Garage Doors

Are you interested in replacing your garage door with something more stylish and contemporary? Madden Door & Sons has a few great design ideas to inspire you!  A modern garage door can completely transform your home’s exterior while adding function and safety. Plus, the contemporary design is a top choice because it’s dramatic and architecturally appealing.

Check out some of our favorite design ideas for contemporary garage doors and see how they can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Create a ‘Glass Wall’

Custom glass garage doors are a great option for lofts and urban dwellings. To maximize the space and allow your outdoor patio to feel like an extension of your home, consider dividing these areas with a unique ‘glass wall.’ The glass doors can open to the outdoors, which is great for parties or simply relaxing with a good book.

Bring in More Natural Light

Contemporary designs have clean lines and simple forms, which allow light to filter through. For those who want to maximize their home’s light while reducing energy costs, contemporary garage doors are an excellent choice. The large windows will give your property a clean and vibrant look and feel, allowing the garage space to double as a workshop, art studio or hangout.

Enhance your Home’s Architecture with Contemporary Garage Doors

Many California homes feature unique architectural lines that are worth enhancing. A new garage door lets you choose modern materials and shapes that complement your home’s design. With custom glass options and powder-coated steel frames, the possibilities for color and style are endless.

Increase Privacy

For those who use their garages as an extension of their home, a contemporary garage door offers privacy without compromising the view. You can work on your latest project or get in a good workout without having to worry about wandering eyes. At the same time, you can take in the scenic views that may have sold you on your property.

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