Customer Story:

This time, the story is all INSIDE the garage

When Richard V. called us asking for ‘the perfect garage door’, we weren’t sure what he meant. Then he explained his garage – more like a museum – with relics of past-time Americana staged everywhere! And he meant it.
Sometimes, you need the right door to accommodate your situation. In this case, Richard V. wanted a clean, non-disruptive look to his otherwise nearly picture-perfect garage interior!
This Raynor Affina, the best made, highest-insulated steel garage door in the trade, really complimented this garage. With the white powder-coated tracks and black spring assembly, there was very little visible disruption to the well-established theme of our client’s garage.
Richard V. was also just about to paint his house exterior in a clay color. Once he saw the claytone-color swatch from Raynor, he decided to match the exterior exactly to this same color. With a two-coat, baked-on enamel painting process, an unmatched 24 gauge double-sided steel and highest polyurethane-insulation R value in the industry (R = 18), this door will provide decades of performance, function and added value to his home!

Richard V. proudly standing next to just some of his authentic old-time gas pumps, crossing signs (ALL functional!) and other unique, lighted displays

The far right image is a good view of the Raynor Affina, the pinnacle of steel garage doors, in the opened position. Note the clean, bright interior which dramatically lightened the garage’s interior.
Some could ask ‘is this overkill’? Not when you consider the time and investment Mr. V. has put into his collection.

His Story

Growing up during the 1950s, and as he grew into his teens, Richard acquired a special fondness of the things he saw growing up. Things like the old time glass-gas pumps with visible glass-cylinders, where you could see the gas being fed through a line, caught his eye. That feeling of nostalgia stayed with him – rock and roll; teen styles becoming relevant more than ever and a sense of pride in American-made products – all kept his interests piqued.
His first acquired item was a mechanical stop sign from the 1950s. He wired it up so that it would actually function with a modern-day garage door operator, so that it would tell him when to park. He was navigating a very long Lincoln at the time, and had barely enough room to squeeze it inside his garage. (Nowadays, we have simply laser-park assist devices that can conveniently do the same!).
The school bus was one of his early key finds, with the idea of making a wet-bar out of it when he was younger.
Then it turned more into collectables once he and his wife raised a family, turning the bus into a tool shed. Of course, it still has functioning, blinking lights in synchronous patterns like the real thing!
Each of the globes he got from individual finds! Talk about a lifetime of collecting…he has amassed somewhere around 50! From the old Road-Runner cartoons, ACME was the product that the coyote ordered all his kits to try to catch the road-runner…he loved that name so much, that it started his collection of those globes.
From swap meets, antique stores and friends getting rid of collectables, he has grown his collection to a proud mini-museum-proportion – all in his garage! Everything is authentic and original, and while he does not have an assigned exact value to this collection, it is more priceless to him!
We were proud to have provided Richard V. with the right garage door to compliment his life-long efforts of acquiring his passion-fueled relics. He remarked that he loves the quietness, the cleanliness and overall added benefit of having chosen the best steel garage door in the trade. We can do the same for you!
A special thank you to Richard V. for allowing us to share his story, as well as being our valued client for years to come!

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