Custom Garage Door Installations by Expert Technicians in the Bay Area

Give Your San Francisco Property a Quick and Easy Makeover

A custom garage door installation can dramatically transform the look of your home and property. Give it a quick makeover to match the overall look and style of your choice. The superior material choices, durability and finish as well as custom sizing and top quality workmanship of a made-to-order door are simply hard to match. Plus, you can enjoy the bonus of enhanced real estate value.
Since a custom garage door is designed specifically for your home, you’ll have a unique piece that accentuates the architectural features of the building.
Pick your favorite style or combine two to create a signature look. There’s no limit to the design possibilities. Your custom home deserves a custom garage door so don’t settle for anything less.
Madden Door & Sons is well known for quality custom garage door installations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stylish designs combine with exceptional workmanship for a museum quality finish. Boutique homeowners in San Francisco are confident that we can deliver and install that one-and-only garage door they’ve been looking for.
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Custom Garage Door Installations Cater to Special Requirements

One of the greatest advantages of custom garage door installations is that they are tailored to the specific needs of each property. Many homeowners have unique requirements (or challenges) that can only be met by a made-to-order piece.
Some have no ceiling structure to hang the overhead door track and opener, a few desire close-fit door storage while others want one that is appropriate for a garage that is being used as a recreational or living area.
Madden Door & Sons specializes in custom garage door installations and designs. Whatever kind of door you want for your garage we have it or can get it for you.
  • We use the finest materials to craft a door that’s special to your home
  • Our unique designs meet your stylistic preferences, usage needs and physical limitations of your home
  • Skilled garage door installers ensure a job well done, leaving the property neat and clean
  • We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide quick turn-around on after-sales service and support
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Custom Garage Door Installation

Unique detail on this door: Notice the center of the door, where there appears to be a post. This is done for clients who intend on adding faux hardware (hinges/handles to make it look like the door swings open). At the time of this picture being taken, they had not decided yet to use faux hardware.

Custom Garage Door with Arched Grid Windows

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