About Madden Door & Sons, Inc.

For over 40 years, we at Madden Door & Sons have been family owned and operated in the business of providing quality garage door systems for Contra Costa, parts of Alameda and Solano Counties.

The industry has grown and with that has come competition. Competition brought to the garage door industry both positive and negative results: The positive was that it made companies compete to offer the best products at the best prices. The negative was that many companies used ways of cutting corners to gain business. All of our family’s premise always has and continues to be to strive for providing the clearest, most informative garage door sales, emphasizing a quality job over a “quick-and-dirty” one so people get what they expect to get, a quality, lasting garage door system.

Madden Door & Sons relocated to Martinez, where property was more affordable in order to build a complete demonstration showroom. There are working models of steel and wood garage doors, and all of the garage door operators as well. This has created the environment for complete understanding of the differences between each brand and model of garage doors, so as to provide every customer with the appropriate door in the appropriate price range.

Our Past

Madden Garage Doors – Today

Established in 1976, and as a licensed and insured company in 1977, Madden Door & Sons was originally started by Kevin Madden in his garage. Kevin grew up in Contra Costa County, and knew contractors who wanted to make a better home using quality subcontractors for each trade.

Kevin had always worked with wood, and in 1975 stumbled into garage doors when a friend introduced him to Ted Danciart, owner of a small garage door company in southern California called “Dandy Doors”. Ted made Kevin an offer he couldn’t refuse: “You come work for me for 3 months for free, and I’ll feed you and teach you everything about garage doors”. Kevin was in his 20’s and knew he had an opportunity worth taking.

Over that three months, he struggled with the “wrongs” and “rights” of how to build and service garage doors, learning tricks-to-the-trade, so to speak, so that he could get a start on his own. He got a small loan from his great uncle who saw promise in Kevin. With that, he was able to obtain a small 1976 Chevy Luv-truck with a rack in order to haul his wood materials to and from customer’s homes. He had no advertising – every job he obtained was from referrals. He knew he had to get it right to continue receiving referrals, so he never “cut a corner”.

Over the course of a few years, Kevin Madden made Madden Door into a well-respected local garage door company in Contra Costa County. Soon, contractors and homeowners were calling on Kevin to the point where he had to hire on some help; first, his brother, then a good friend. Within the first five years, Kevin had grown his company to the point of opening a shop with a display door located in Lafayette. The business continued to grow. Kevin had to hire and train garage door installers, and was fortunate to find a few quality service technicians who had been in the industry from back in the mid-west. (Currently our #1 service technician, Mr. Sacho, continues to perform garage door service for us – he is the best service technician in the Bay Area!).

Madden Garage Doors – The Early Years

Kevin also found Bernie Fuller in 1985, who has worn virtually every hat in the business, and who has been an integral part of Madden Door’s growth over the years training field technicians, office personnel and managing employees. His dedication to the team has been unparalleled.

In 1986, Kevin hired on his son Scott O’Neill, so as to continue the “family-business” approach. From assembling nuts and bolts, to the final adjustment in garage door installations, Scott learned every aspect of garage door installations as to better serve our customers. After being trained in installations and service, Scott was a customer service rep for several years, and upon graduating college with a Marketing degree then was promoted to Sales Manager. He currently writes for a prominent industry magazine as well as counsels several manufacturers in responsible product design and development.

The business continued to grow during the building boom of the 1980’s flourishing economy. Madden Door made it a priority to grow the company at a controlled but improved professional rate. That controlled rate helped us through the tough times of the early 90’s.

We learned from the recession of the early to mid 90’s about cost-cutting while still sticking to quality in our performance. We also learned that performing garage door work for large home builders was a drain on our resources and performance as a company that was never bore out of volume-mentality, and Scott O’Neill redirected the sales upon Kevin Madden’s approval towards the homeowner instead. And adapting accordingly, through the boom of the late 90’s, we responsibly offered consultation rather than mere sales pitches to get ‘an easy sale’ or ‘the greedy sale’.  Instead, we stayed the course of honestly advising our clients based on their needs.  As the first decade of the millennium progressed, we saw an enormous increase in demand for the custom carriage doors, as home styles and the way people styled their homes was forever changed with the growth of the internet and expanded cable home improvement programming.  Suddenly everyone looked at everything on the house that made a difference to the style.


As we continue through the recession, we’ve made strong efforts to keep our costs low and a full range of garage doors to our clients. As stated on recent www.costvsvalue.com articles, garage doors in 2010-2014 had a survey result of being the #2 best valued home improvement and the 2015 results now it is #1! For selling homes in this recovered real estate market, we can advise you as to the best door to make the home shine. For older, definitive-architectural or high end homes, there can be fantastic return on investment with the proper garage door…one time a client of ours, after Scott O’Neill’s design expertise and consultation, was able to sell his home for more than $119k than asking price when they hadn’t been able to even get an offer prior to the improvements advised by Mr. O’Neill. And the installation techniques, quality details in how our professional technicians perform and communicate with you, are all geared in making this the best value improvement for your home–from the garage door operator repair to the best replacement garage door for your situation.

The way we do business is simple – stick to relevant, effective solutions by learning what our clients seek and then advising them to the best solution.  It’s really quite simple–if you’re happy, then we’re happy because <we hope> you send us future folks to make happy!  This is why we appreciate any kind words we will earn from you afterward.

Carriage Doors in East Bay

Refresh your East Bay home’s appearance with new carriage doors. Madden Door offers carriage garage doors at many styles and price points. Shop our wide selection of standard and custom carriage doors, including steel-stamped, painted wood, and stain-grade fir, cedar, redwood, and hemlock garage door designs. You can count on us for competitively priced, trustworthy carriage garage door design, installation, and repair services.

Our Carriage Doors Offer Timeless Style with Modern Technology

Add the nostalgic charm and three-dimensional detailing of carriage house garage doors to your East Bay home without missing out on modern conveniences like overhead operation and weather-resistant, energy-efficient construction. Many of our customers are surprised to find that carriage garage doors work well with a variety of home styles. Our garage door design experts can assist you in creating the perfect configuration to highlight your architecture with intricate crisscross planking, decorative windows, and oversize ornate handles.

Professional Carriage House Door Installation Ensures a Seamless Fit

Every one of our affordable carriage doors includes professional garage door installation. Our skilled garage door technicians will precisely fit your new carriage house garage doors to your one-car, two-car, or custom garage, ensuring weather and pest protection and safe, lasting use. After installation, we’ll show you how to operate your new garage door system, making sure you’re satisfied with the results.

East Bay Garage Door Service and Repairs

Madden Door offers more than beautiful, high-quality garage doors and professional installation. You can count on us for all your garage door service and repair needs. We’re here to help you maximize your carriage garage door system’s lifespan. Our knowledgeable garage door contractors service all brands of garage doors and garage door opening systems, including retired brands.

Give your Antioch, Concord, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Moraga, Pittsburg, Richmond, or San Pablo home a dramatic makeover with carriage doors in East Bay from Madden Door & Sons. Contact us at 925-208-4907 to schedule a garage door design consultation today.

East Bay, CA

 California’s East Bay region includes the cities in Alameda and Contra Costa County. Though the region is dotted with plentiful parks and recreational areas, it is highly urbanized. Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) ensures ease of travel. East Bay is a major west coast transportation hub, housing the largest port in Northern California and countless big businesses, from Kaiser Permanente to Chevron, and prominent schools UC Berkeley and St. Mary’s. Madden Door is proud to serve East Bay area homeowners, providing trusted garage door services since 1976.

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